FYI- Sutterville Road Closure

Starting Monday, July 23, the Curtis Park Water Meter project will move onto Sutterville Road. Since the contractor will be placing new water mains in the street, the City will need to close one lane of Sutterville Road in each direction  and the suicide lane between Franklin Boulevard and 24th Street. Vehicles will be unable to turn from  the adjacent streets across oncoming traffic. This impact will continue throughout the week of July 23rd.

 Please be advised that in the following week, we anticipate all lanes of Sutterville to be opened while lanes of Franklin Boulevard are closed  to install new water mains.

 The City is conducting work on Sutterville Road and Franklin Boulevard over the next two weeks to eliminate the need to be on these streets when Sacramento City College begins its Fall semester and these roads are more heavily impacted.

 The installations of these water mains were planned as part of this project and are not tied to the water main break that occurred on July 18th.

 Customers with questions or concerns can call Chris Powell at 916-808-4031 or email [email protected]




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