**ALERT: suspicious activity in Curtis Park**

I am sending this out to you because I do not know another way to get this info out to neighbors in a timely fashion.

Today I saw someone walking down our street (10th Ave, between W Curtis and 24th) at about 1:45pm. The person was standing in front of peoples homes and taking notes. I approached the person and asked him why he was writing down info about each home. He told me he was working for a security company installing security systems and showed me a brochure. Give that his brochure was old and beat up, I was rather suspicious of his story and returned to my house to call the police. I reported the activity to the dispatcher and she said she would send out a patrol car to investigate.

Approx 15 minutes later, I saw my neighbor across the street. I went to ask her about her impressions of the person. She was confused by my question – she kept saying, “you mean yesterday”. I said, “no, just 15 minutes ago”. I told her I saw the person standing on her porch writing things down. She said that was strange given that she had talked with him yesterday, answering a bunch of questions about her security system. Today, he was clearly on her porch at least 3 minutes today taking notes and he did not ring her doorbell. She also told me she “had a bad feeling” yesterday after he left. I called the dispatcher back and reported the additional info. The dispatcher told me they were busy and no one had been sent out yet.

If anyone sees this person, please call the police to report their activity.

The person is white, blond hair, 30ish, about 6 ft tall. They are carrying a clipboard. At the bare minimum, do not provide any info about the security of your home to anyone, unless you are absolutely confident of their intentions.

-neighbor on 10th-

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