SCNA’s Neighborhood Concerns Committee meets this Wednesday, 7/25, at 7pm; Agenda includes Crime and Water Main Project updates

The next SCNA Neighborhood Concerns Committee meeting will be Wednesday, July 25th at 7:00 in the Garden Room at Sierra 2 Center.
Lots of stuff going on this month. The water main project is moving forward and we are hearing about more and more crime in the neighborhood.
1. Water Main Project
    You have probably seen construction on the Water Main project in the Southwest part of Curtis Park. The main water lines in the streets are being replaced, and new water meters will be installed. The project will soon move to other areas including Sutterville Road next   week. We will have representatives from the City of Sacramento and the project Construction Manager at our Wednesday meeting to discuss the work being done now and in the future. They will give us an overview of the project and an updated timeline. They can also answer
     questions like:

          When will the City repave the streets where the water main has already been replaced?

          What kind of access is needed for the City to read the new meters?

          What happens when the water main is in an alley? Where will the meter be installed and will the construction crew need to get into our backyards?

           If someone is on vacation, and doesn’t get the notice to move their vehicle, what will happen?

          How are trees being protected from damage during construction? (A backhoe knocked off some large branches at the beginning of construction).

2. Crime

 We need more Neighborhood Watch groups in Curtis Park and a more efficient way to communicate with each other about crime. For example, apparently 2 young guys on bicycles have been circling the neighborhood and breaking into houses. They first knock to see if anyone is home and they ask if you need some yard work done.  Another suspicious guy is going door to door and claims to work for a home alarm company, but he only seems to be gathering personal information and not really selling anything.  There have been 5 burglary attempts on Marshall in one week. Cars that are left open are being ransacked, etc., etc.

Please come to the meeting and help us with your ideas about what we can do to lower crime in Curtis Park. We need long-term, active participation from more neighbors. We will also have more information about the anti-crime National Night Out on August 7th. SCNA will be hosting an NNO meeting at the Sierra 2 Center. We need volunteers for this event.

If you are the victim of a crime and you think your neighbors should know about it, please email us with information after you’ve contacted the police. [email protected]

Thanks, hope to see you on Wednesday.

John Mathews

Neighborhood Concerns Committee

Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association

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