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The SCNA board consists entirely of community volunteers. There are many ways you can participate as a Board member, such as helping with annual fundraising events like the Wine Tasting and Silent Auction or Home Tour, writing articles for the Viewpoint, or participating in Advocacy work on behalf of the neighborhood. To find out how to become a board member read the Expectations for SCNA Board Members and fill out the form below or contact us at Or consider becoming a Volunteer!

The SCNA board is comprised of up to 23 board members in any one year. According to the SCNA Bylaws the board meets on a monthly basis to set forth the policies and procedures for the operation of SCNA and the Sierra 2 Center. Board meeting notes are available each month in the Viewpoint.

2020 Board Members

Welcome New Board Members!

  • Bill Hoover, President
  • Kathy Les, Vice President
  • John Bailey, Treasurer
  • Kate Van Buren, Secretary
  • Andrea Rosen, Executive Committee At-Large
  • Gerre Beuhler
  • Nury Enciso
  • Erik Fay
  • Bill French
  • Charon Jenner
  • Mike McKeever
  • Bruce Pierini
  • Martin Pierucci
  • Susan French

Incumbent Board Members

Kat Haro
Kat has lived in Curtis Park for over 10 years. She joined the Board in 2018 and has served as Development Committee Chair and Vice President. She champions Sierra 2 and SCNA events and marketing. Kat believes that The Learnery and Senior Center are integral parts of Sierra 2 operations and hopes to help evolve those services in the coming years. 

Kat Haro, board member since 2018

Jonathan LaTurner
Jonathan moved into the neighborhood in 2012, and became an active member of the Board and neighborhood shortly thereafter. There are many things that he enjoys about the neighborhood, but the sense of community and the beautiful tree lined streets are what drew him to Curtis Park. He and Katie can often be seen on their early morning walks around the park.

Jonathan LaTurner, board member since 2014

Kate Van Buren, Secretary
Kate and family live on 24th St. She is the current board secretary and serves on the facilities and neighborhood concerns committee.  

Kate Van Buren, board member since 2015

Eric Johnson
Read Viewpoint articles by Eric.

Eric has been a resident of Curtis Park for 15 years, and a Director on the SCNA board for nine years. Two of those years were as Treasurer, and six as Board Chair; he is currently the Member-At-Large on the Executive Committee. Under his leadership, the board adopted a long-term strategic plan and presented evidence to the Sacramento City Council that led to them rejecting an application to build a 16-handle fuel center in Crocker Village. He believes that SCNA should encourage inclusivity and involvement in addition to providing services and a community gathering place for Curtis Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

Eric Johnson, board member since 2011

Larry Easterling
Larry has lived in Curtis Park for 21 years and been on the SCNA Board for over sixteen years. He has worked on the Development Committee and Finance Committee for most of that time. He likes to support our neighborhood through working with the SCNA Board.

Larry Easterling, board member since 2005

Lori Harder
Lori has resided in Curtis Park for 30 years and has served on the SCNA Board twice in that time. She has chaired the annual Home and Garden Tour Committee for many years, raising funds for SCNA and awareness in the regional area that Curtis Park is a very special neighborhood – filled with charm, authenticity, amazing treescape and natural beauty.   Her career was as an administrative manager in Parks and Recreation for the City of Sacramento.

Lori Harder, board member since 2016

John Mathews
John has lived in Curtis Park for 35 years, in a house that has been in his family since 1945. He has served on the SCNA Board of Directors for well over a decade, working on the preservation and betterment of our beautiful neighborhood. He hopes to continue serving on the Board to monitor the completion of the Crocker Village project and its impact on Curtis Park.

John Mathews, board member since 2006

Alex Moos
Alex and his wife, Nichole enjoy walking Chewie through the leafy streets of our historic neighborhood. They savor the restaurants and breweries that attract top culinary talent from all over California.

Alex Moos, board member since 2019

Dan Pskowski
Read Viewpoint articles by Dan.

Dan has lived in the neighborhood for the past 15 years and has served on the SCNA Board since November 2013. As a professional arborist he couldn’t be in a better neighborhood because Curtis Park residents really care about the trees.

Dan Pskowski, board member since 2013

Board Committees

Our important sub-committees take on a tremendous amount of work to improve our neighborhood. Fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a Board Member or serving on a committee.

  • Executive Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Facilities Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Neighborhood Concerns Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Senior Center Committee

Interested in becoming a board member?