SCNA Board

The SCNA Board generally meets monthly. It is made up of up to 23 Directors who are resident members of SCNA. Directors are elected annually at the SCNA membership meeting or, if needed to fill vacancies, at any Board meeting. There are at present six vacancies.

If you are interested in more information or in applying for nomination as a Director please contact the Board through the Sierra 2 office or by email at [email protected]. The Board is especially interested in recruiting additional Directors who are people of color, people who live in underrepresented areas of the neighborhood, and people who are younger than the general age range of the current Directors.

2024 Board Members

  1. John Bailey, Treasurer
  2. Noah Bench
  3. Mimi Budd, Secretary
  4. Gerre Buehler
  5. Kinsley Earl
  6. David Enos
  7. Jack Foster
  8. Bill French
  9. Madelyn Gelpi
  10. Dave Gonsalves
  11. Lily Harris
  12. Kathy Les, VP
  13. Alysse Macaluso
  14. Ryan Marenger
  15. Shannon Motley
  16. Christian Muller
  17. Bruce Pierini
  18. Andrea Rosen
  19. Matthew Royal
  20. Karl Saddlemire
  21. Kirsten Smith
  22. Miles Thorne
  23. Dick Weng

John Bailey
John has lived in the neighborhood since 1981. He previously served on the SCNA board from 1982 through the mid 1990’s, with many years as Treasurer and one term as President. He rejoined the board in January 2020 and again is serving as Treasurer, chairing the Finance Committee and participating on the Facilities Committee. John is a CPA, and for many years he was Chief Financial Officer of wholesale distribution companies. Since retiring in 2018, John has enjoyed travelling, golfing, gardening, and trailing his golden retriever leisurely sniffing his way around Curtis Park.  

Gerre Buehler
Gerre has lived in Curtis Park since 1985. She has been Distribution Manager for the Viewpoint, our neighborhood newspaper, since the late 1980’s. Service on the Board during the 1980’s and volunteering for the Home Tour and Wine Tasting are also part of her Curtis Park history. She is currently serving as the Chair of the Facilities Committee and sits on the Development Committee. She loves our neighborhood and hasn’t considered moving for over 35 years. This is odd for a military brat who moved every 2 years or less while growing up.

Mimi Budd
Mimi Budd has lived in Curtis Park since 1981. During her career, she worked as an attorney for several elected members of the California Legislature and numerous state departments, and served as chief counsel of the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. She served previously as both a member and president of the SCNA board. She serves on the SCNA Ad Hoc Committee for Racial Justice. She is active in Emily’s List, a political action committee that supports Democratic women candidates, as well as the Brady Campaign United Against Gun Violence. She served in the Peace Corps in Nigeria and is currently vice president of the Friends of Nigeria board of directors.

Jack Foster
Jack Foster and his wife recently moved to Curtis Park from East Sac and live in a charming house on 8th avenue. After living in San Francisco for many years, then New York City, they decided to move to Sacramento to be closer to family. Jack works remotely as a Product Manager at an Advertising Tech company based in San Francisco and enjoys playing basketball, fly fishing, and gardening.

Kinsley Earl

Dave Enos

Bill French
Bill moved into the neighborhood in 1978 when the multi-state non-profit agency he founded opened its headquarters in Sacramento. Since his retirement over 10 years ago he and his wife Robin have been traveling the world. Bill first served on the SCNA board in the early 1980s and looks forward to helping to re-energize the neighborhood.

Lily M. Harris is an attorney for a law firm in San Francisco but works almost entirely from home. Lily and her husband, Chris, and their two year old daughter, Roxana, live on Coleman Way, and have another child on the way. They moved to Curtis Park in June 2019. Roxana just started at Great Beginnings. Chris is a stay-at-home dad, though he is hoping to open a coffee shop in the next year or two, ideally within Curtis Park.

Madelyn Gelpi
Madelyn Gelpi has lived in Curtis Park for 3 years, and currently serves as the Executive Director of a local foundation that fosters inclusion in the outdoors for LGBTQ+ individuals across California. Madelyn has a master’s degree in public policy from UC Berkeley and is passionate about using problem-solving skills for the betterment of the community. Hailing from New Orleans, Madelyn relocated to California in 2012 and believes that a more neighborly world is inherently a better one. Madelyn enjoys hiking, writing songs, exploring the many parks of Sacramento, taking her golden retriever on walks, and relaxing with their family, who also live in Curtis Park.

Dave Gonsalves

Kathy Les
Kathy has called Curtis Park home for nearly 37 years. She is a former historic preservation professional and journalist. She has long been involved in SCNA, having previously served on the board in the early 2000’s while also then heading up the Wine Tasting Committee and serving as Viewpoint editor. From 2003-05 she was SCNA’s executive director. She grew up in the suburbs of southern California and always dreamed of living in an old house neighborhood. She cherishes Curtis Park for its historic homes, tree-lined streets, and the neighborly neighbors who make this a great place to live and our association strong.

Alysse Macaluso
Prior to moving to Sacramento in early 2022, Alysse and her husband lived in San Francisco for more than ten years where Alysse worked as a retail buyer at Gap Inc. But Alysse was born and raised in Stockton, California and always knew she would call the Central Valley her home. Alysse is currently a stay-at-home mom, but when she is not chasing after her little one, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, working out, and taking pictures.

Ryan Marenger

Shannon Motley has lived in Curtis Park for four years. She has spent her career in medical sales. She has a master’s degree in public health and welcomes the opportunity to put that training to use in the community. In her free time, she rides her horse, teaches Pilates, and chases after her nephew, niece and cousin, all of whom love exploring Curtis Park.

Christian Muller
Christian Muller has lived in Curtis Park since 2010 with family ties in the neighborhood tracing back to 1935. He grew up as member of Boy Scout troop 1, playing Land Park Soccer, spending summers at Park Terrace and graduating from Holy Spirit, Christian Brothers and Saint Mary’s College of California. He is in his 17th year as founder/ CEO of Neuwaste, an e-waste recycling firm that has diverted more than 10 million pounds of electronics from California landfills.

Bruce Pierini
Bruce spent 38 years as a professor of anthropology at community colleges and CSU Sacramento. He enjoyed introducing students to the vast and intriguing research literature and theories in anthropology. Now retired, his interests include Italian, French and Spanish languages, reading fiction and nonfiction, gardening, cooking, travel and keeping up with developments in the sciences. Bruce has served on the SCNA Board since 2013, including work on the Development, Neighborhood Concerns and Facilities Committees. He has been married to Wayne Anderson since 1978 and together they enjoy traveling the world. Bruce is currently the SCNA Board Secretary. He has lived in Curtis Park for 35 years.

Andrea Rosen
Andrea moved to Curtis Park in 1978 and has lived in three different houses since then. Her two kids always enjoyed Sierra 2 activities. She has served on the Board on and off since the early 1980’s. She has written for the Viewpoint since the late 1970’s. The Neighborhood Concerns Committee idea originated with her and she has been very active in planning issues affecting Curtis Park. She is a health and government lawyer now with the State. She served as a former City Planning Commissioner and Human Rights/Fair Housing Commissioner.

Matthew Royal
Matthew Royal and his husband John have lived in Curtis Park since 2015 with their 2 cockapoos, Mishka and Pechie. Originally from Augusta, GA, he’s worked in technology for 16 years, moving westward from DC to Denver to Sacramento where he fell in love with the city’s trees and people. He is on the Nextdoor Review team and Welcome team, so he may be familiar to a few neighbors. He loves collecting and analyzing data, fixing complex systems, and singing music from the Renaissance. He is especially interested in ensuring that neighbors have access to local information and have representation in local decisions.

Karl Saddlemeir

Noah Soliday-Bench
Noah and his wife Ann moved to Marshall Way in 2019 where they now reside with their two daughters, Zephyr and Lumi. Noah is originally from Rochester, NY and moved west to attend graduate school in the Bay Area. He works remotely as a Technical Artist in video games. He’s worked on Pokemon GO, as well as games in the Star Wars and Bioshock universes. In his free time, Noah enjoys playing with his kids at the Sierra 2 playground and working on house projects.

Kirsten Smith
Kirsten Smith is a classical pianist who has taught music at CSUS and for the past 25 years. She enjoys performing and you can often hear her practicing in her home on Florence Place. She especially enjoys guiding students as they learn to solve the infinite mysteries of classical music and piano performance. She enjoys reading, especially learning about neuroscience and sociobiology. She and her husband John enjoy their many edible gardens, cooking, traveling and hiking. They have plans to bicycle across the country when they retire. Kirsten has lived in Curtis Park since 1995, where her daughter enjoyed growing up.

Miles Thorne
Miles Thorne is so happy to call Curtis Park his home. He works for UC Davis Health in Facilities Planning and Development. His background in facilities includes operating a nuclear reactor onboard a naval submarine, residential construction with ARTSS Security, working for an engineering firm, and managing the Robert T. Masui US Courthouse. You’ll catch Miles and his family working on their 1908 home, camping on the coast or in the mountains, traveling to Montana to visit family, and doing laps around Curtis Park.

Dick Weng