SCNA Board

Upcoming Events

The SCNA board consists entirely of community volunteers. There are many ways you can participate as a Board member, such as helping with annual fundraising events like the Wine Tasting and Silent Auction or Home Tour, writing articles for the Viewpoint, or participating in Advocacy work on behalf of the neighborhood. To find out how to become a board member read the Expectations for SCNA Board Members and fill out the form below or contact us at Or consider becoming a Volunteer!

The SCNA board is comprised of up to 23 board members in any one year. According to the SCNA Bylaws (revised 5/1/19) the board meets on a monthly basis to set forth the policies and procedures for the operation of SCNA and the Sierra 2 Center. Board meeting notes are available each month in the Viewpoint.

2019 Board Members

  • Andi Liebenbaum, President
  • Kat Haro, Vice President
  • Jonathan LaTurner, Treasurer
  • Kate Van Buren, Secretary
  • Eric Johnson, Executive Committee At-Large
  • Charles Angelis
  • Kimberley Bond
  • Andrew Booth
  • Steffan Brown
  • Larry Easterling
  • Lori Harder
  • John Mathews
  • Angela Mia
  • Alex Moos
  • Bruce Pierini
  • Dan Pskowski

Board Committees

Our important sub-committees take on a tremendous amount of work to improve our neighborhood. Fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a Board Member or serving on a committee.

  • Executive Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Facilities Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Neighborhood Concerns Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Senior Center Committee

Interested in becoming a board member?