Neighborhood Concerns

The Neighborhood Concerns Committee (NCC) is authorized by the Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association’s Board of Directors to develop strategies and sponsor programs to improve the Curtis Park neighborhood. One of the key duties of the NCC is to advocate on the neighborhood’s behalf in land use, transportation, and development projects before the City of Sacramento and the Planning Commission. NCC works jointly with nearby neighborhood, business and community organizations to:

  • support and revitalize the Broadway and Franklin commercial corridors,
  • protect heritage trees,
  • improve our local parks, and
  • preserve the quality of life in Sacramento.

The Neighborhood Concerns Committee is engaged in a number of issues including:

  • the dog park,
  • the development of Crocker Village (formerly Curtis Park Village),
  • Traffic Concerns, and
  • City Tree Ordinances.

To contact the Neighborhood Concerns Committee about issues, concerns, ideas and input, please email [email protected]

Clean and Quiet Yard Care

The SCNA board has established a new Ad Hoc Committee to the Neighborhood Concerns Committee to help promote clean and quiet yard care to reduce air and noise pollution in the neighborhood.

Crocker Village (Curtis Park Village)

The project most likely to have the greatest impact on our community is the Curtis Park Village project. SCNA supports small neighborhood serving stores and businesses in Curtis Park Village that will create a unique destination and reflect the surrounding community. We are opposed to the inclusion of large corporate chain retail stores and chain restaurants that have taken over most suburban shopping malls and would depend on a huge influx of new traffic from the greater Sacramento area in order to survive.

The SCNA Board has been working for years to help ensure that the Curtis Park Village development is in keeping with the rest of the Curtis Park community. We promote building homes in the Village that match the styles of existing homes in Curtis Park and that will fit seamlessly into the middle of a beautiful neighborhood built decades ago.

Curtis Park Village will create thousands of new car trips per day in and out of the site. SCNA has continually urged the City of Sacramento to implement traffic calming sooner rather than later in order to minimize the impact on our quiet neighborhood streets. Nothing will change the serenity of Curtis Park more than a huge incursion of new traffic and SCNA will lead the fight to keep our streets calm and safe.

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Traffic Concerns

The conversion of one-way streets, installation of bike lanes and traffic calming measures are part of the focus of this sub-committee. In order to help preserve the neighborhood, SCNA works directly with the community as well as the city to make sure Curtis Park remains the safe, walker and biker friendly neighborhood it is today.

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Tree Ordinance

The mature trees of our neighborhood enhance the area in many ways. They are part of the historic character of our community. They beautify our streets and the views from our homes and gardens, and abate noise from the surrounding streets. Their shade makes our streets more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Moreover, they enhance the social and communal atmosphere of the neighborhood. Because of the value of our stock of mature trees, SCNA is committed to protecting and maintaining heritage trees throughout the neighborhood.

To contact the Neighborhood Concerns Committee, email [email protected].

Neighborhood Preservation and History

SCNA actively participates in preserving the heritage of the Sierra Curtis Neighborhood and Sacramento. The Heritage Committee advances this purpose by gathering and publicizing information on the history of our area and promoting preservation and appreciation of our historic buildings. The Heritage Committee supports the annual Home and Garden Tour by researching and promoting historical information on our homes and subdivisions.