Neighbors learn basics of historic window renovation

“Say no to the vinyl window salesman and enjoy your 100-year window makeover,” said Amanda Blosser, defining the theme of a one-day window workshop conducted on Sept. 23, 2006 with a repeat presentation the following day.

The event’s spotlight on rehabbing single pane double-hung and other vintage windows was sponsored by SCNA in collaboration with the Sacramento Bungalow Heritage Association. SCNA Heritage Committee member and Donner Way historic window’s advocate Janice Calpo organized the day’s activities.

The day began with an overview to demystify the window repair process and followed with brief presentations on lead safety and energy efficiency. Armed with a hefty folder of informative handouts, workshop participants from Curtis Park and other older neighborhoods divided in small groups. Rotating between Sierra 2’s Room 12 and the center’s front lawn, participants observed hands-on techniques for repair, restoration, and incorporating energy saving materials into vintage windows.

Volunteers John Luther, Beth Hendrickson and Amanda Blosser conducted the workshops. Topics included disassembly-taking out the window sash-weather stripping, glazing, rot repair and reassembly to ready windows for many more years of keeping true to the original historic architecture.

The workshop concluded with a visit to Patricia Moses’ 24th Street home, a shingled Craftsman with beautifully restored and energy efficient original single-pane, double hung windows.

Future workshops are planned depending on interest. For more information, contact or call the Sierra 2 office at 452-3005.

By Susan MacCulloch, Viewpoint Staff Writer

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