Author: Viewpoint Staff

Webinar Nov. 9 on city’s plans for tiny homes

The SCNA Neighborhood Concerns Committee will host an informational webinar on the city’s Homeless Siting Master Plan from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 9 on Zoom. The focus will

Does city need a ‘strong mayor’?

If passed by a majority of voters, MEASURE A would revise City Charter from ‘council-manager’ form of government to ‘mayor-council’ form. YES City leaders would be more accountable By Jay

Seniors share memories of a school year like no other

Editor’s note: Viewpoint asked graduating seniors from the neighborhood to describe their experiences with the coronavirus pandemic. Here are their responses. Olivia Ang-Olson of Ninth Avenue I expected to close

10 ideas for coping with stressful times

As a behavioral scientist and consultant, I draw on scientific research and experience to help people find better ways to cope with stress and negativity. Here are 10 ideas for