Welcome to Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association’s Curtis Park News Blog!

Welcome to the historic neighborhood of Curtis Park!

 We’re pleased to introduce you to one of the most active, desirable neighborhoods inSacramento! 

 A founding basis for Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association is the belief that a neighborhood is enriched when its residents become participants, that involvement with others stimulates community spirit.  From this, a primary objective of SCNA is to organize and develop neighborhood spirit  and communication through an array of year-round events, by holding regular monthly board meetings to discuss issues of relevance to Curtis Park, by publishing the Viewpoint newspaper and now, by maintaining the Curtis Park News blog.  Additionally, SCNA’s operation of the Sierra 2 Center for the Arts & Community provides the social and architectural centerpiece for neighborhood activities and gatherings essential to building a stronger community and enhancing quality of life in the neighborhood.  

The neighborhood association at work

 Nothing speaks to strength of community louder than the Herculean accomplishment of the community of neighbors who banded together to save the old SierraSchoolfrom demolition in the 1970’s.   This effort led to the birth of Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association and the dynamic center for cultural and educational activities that is today known as the Sierra 2 Center for the Arts & Community.  As your neighborhood association, SCNA was formed specifically to:

  •  Promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the Sierra Curtis Neighborhood
  • Promote the educational, community and recreational uses of the Sierra 2 Center and its grounds
  • Promote and foster diversity and good community relations in the Sierra Curtis Neighborhood and broaderSacramentoarea
  • Sponsor and encourage educational, community, and recreational programs through public and private funding in the Sierra Curtis Neighborhood

 SCNA serves over 2,500 households in the historic Curtis Park neighborhood.  Whether it be addressing neighborhood concerns such as traffic, crime and land use, neighborhood improvements such as parks and playgrounds, neighborhood history and preservation efforts, or providing social events and cultural experiences in the neighborhood, SCNA is committed to bringing an added dimension of living in Curtis Park that makes our neighborhood one of the most desirable in Sacramento. 

We invite you to help us lead the charge in community-building and neighborhood communications.  Subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on the pressing issues, neighborhood activities, and other happenings in Curtis Park.

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