Vote by Mail ballots coming for June primary

For the upcoming June 5 primary election, Sacramento County will be a test county for the use of Vote by Mail ballots for all voters. A postcard was mailed to all registered voters in February describing the changes in voting.

The California Voters Choice Act became law in 2016 to make it more convenient for people to vote, increase voter participation in elections, and provide more voting options. All voters will receive a Vote by Mail ballot at the mailing address where they are registered to vote. The ballots will be mailed 29 days prior to the election. Note that election materials are not forwarded. The new law allows voters to mail in their ballot, vote 11 days early at a vote center, or use a secured ballot drop box to vote.

Recently, 64 percent of Sacramento County voters have voted by mail. The voter registration deadline is 15 days prior to the election—May 21 for the June primary. You must re-register if you have moved, changed your name, or want to change your political party registration.

Voter registration can be done online at: Paper registration forms may be obtained by calling (800) 345-VOTE (8683) or contacting the Sacramento County Elections Department.

California voters may check their statewide registration status online at Voting in person will be available at 78 vote centers countywide. Sixteen of these will be open 10 days early, including two weekends and the Memorial Day holiday. All 78 vote centers will be open three days prior to the election and on Election Day.

The Sierra 2 Center will be a vote center for three days prior to the election and on Election Day.

A replacement ballot may be obtained at the vote center if it is destroyed, lost or an error was made.

Mail-in ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received by the Elections Department no later than three days after the election. A pink envelope sent with the ballot package must be used to mail the ballot, which must be signed by the voter. Proper postage is required.

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