Artist Interview with Tonja Wilcox Art & Illustration

Why do you craft/make? How did you learn?

I make art simply because it’s who I am. I have been making something my whole life. I am not formally trained in the discipline of Art but I am always learning. I learn from everyone and everything around me!

What is your favorite product or piece you’ve made lately?

My new retro style hand- illustrated California Picture Map!

What sorts of things are inspiring you right now? Where do you look for inspiration?

I look to nature and the creative world around me for inspiration. Also, to my family!

Are you bringing/selling anything special at the craft fair?

Several new prints including my California Picture Map and a new loose floral design as well as some fun and whimsical holiday cards!

Favorite holiday cookie?

Chocolate Chip any day!

Favorite holiday song?

Christmas Canon from Trans Siberian Orchestra

All I want for Christmas is…?

A coastal vacation!

Please join us on Saturday, December 9th from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. in Curtis Hall at Sierra 2 Center for our Holiday Craft Fair!

A favorite among neighbors, the Holiday Craft Fair isn’t one to miss! Join us for another wonderful shopping experience that supports 20 local artisans, makers, and crafters, as well as the Sierra 2 Senior Center. Admission is free!

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