Classes for Adults & Children
Have high tea, learn to paint, try sewing, canning, or gardening.
Learning is Better with Friends
Call the girls, get together and try a painting class.
Hobbies are Beneficial
Hobbies relieve stress, build confidence, develop creativity, provide ways to connect with people, and ain in personal and career development

Calling all skill seekers and lifelong learners!

The Learnery is dedicated to hosting classes and workshops that feed curious minds, sharpen skills, and enrich the community with interests most Sacramentans hold dear like: art, food, wine, and gardening—to name a few. Sierra 2 Center partners with local businesses and topic experts to provide interesting and relevant classes for all ages. We are working to stock out new dedicated space, learn more about how you can help.

Learnery Classes

Photos From Our Classes

How do you like our classes & workshops?

Current and prospective students of the Learnery please let us know what classes you like and want. Your opinions are important to us! 

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Feedback? Class Requests? Questions or Concerns? Please contact our program manager Katie Byram.