Team of artists will paint mural along walls of underpass

After several months of meetings, leaders from Oak Park and Curtis Park neighborhoods decided to prioritize beautification of the Second Avenue underpass that connects these two neighborhoods. They also want to see some transportation improvements.

Project Manager Katie Valenzuela Garcia, who was hired with a generous donation of $75,000 from the California Endowment, reports that the project is a go. In addition to project management, the funds will be used to obtain permits from Caltrans to make the improvements. Those permits are still pending.

Stakeholder groups have provided input to the team of artists led by Ruby Chacon. The team will design and paint the mural that will grace the currently blank walls. The mural will brighten the walls with color and positive messages of unity and diversity to reflect the strengths of the surrounding neighborhoods.

“This project has presented another great opportunity for our two neighborhoods to collaborate to improve our connection and beautify our collective public spaces,” Garcia said.

She also noted that this stretch will be part of the Sunday Street route on May 21, when Sacramento holds its first open streets event. Everyone is invited to participate in painting the background for the mural.

Artists who will design and execute the mural include Luis Campos-Garcia (sol collective), Dea Monetlongo (sol collective), Claudia Anderson (Curtis Park resident), Markos Egure (Wes Kos Images), and Juliette Flores.

Former SCNA board member and former SCNA President Rosanna Herber represented SCNA in the early days of this project. The SCNA Board voted to contribute $500 in seed money to get the project going. Caliph Assigai provided early leadership to the project as well.

By Andrea Rosen, Viewpoint staff writer

Source Photos for Mural on Facebook

Take a look at these amazing portraits of Oak Park and Curtis Park residents taken by Sol Collective at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market on August 13, 2016. They’ll be used to inspire the people in the mural design.

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