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Curtis Fest Artisan Spotlight: Maggie Devos

Maggie Devos creates repurposed and upcycled jewelry and clothing inspired by the colors, history and folklore of Frida Kahlo. Her clothing line, including vests, jeans, jean jackets, classic jackets, corsets

Curtis Fest Artisan Spotlight: Lizzy’s Bakehouse

Lizzy’s Bakehouse is a community supported bakery located in East Sacramento, California baking slow-fermented, naturally leavened sourdough & yeasted breads in a fire-brick oven, delivered fresh to the consumer. Lizzy’s

Curtis Fest Artisan Spotlight: Petals In Silver

Petals In Silver specializes in creating unique handcrafted jewelry. Soumia, the owner, is based in Davis, California. She started creating handmade jewelry as a hobby in 2010 has been showcasing

Curtis Fest Artisan Spotlight: Chula Tribe

All chulatribe jewelry is hand crafted in a South American style in a home studio using sterling silver or brass and all natural turquoise, gems and crystals. The 13th Annual

Curtis Fest Artisan Spotlight: Dawn Pedersen

Dawn Pedersen loves animals and people. Her artwork exudes joy, color, and humor in celebration of nature. A lifelong artist and animal lover, Dawn is passionate about wildlife conservation. Her