Artist Interview with Susan Rabinovitz of Little Relics

Why do you craft/make? How did you learn?

Contemporary Fine Jewelry, Masters from the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. However, it started with beading my aunt’s fine embroidery floss and creating little bracelets when I was four. Fast forward to a college student, I would use our apartment floor and spread out my beads much to my roommates’ dismay. So, from crafting tv tables to a full fledge brick and mortar Midtown storefront, you could say I am the Maker that Made it.

What is your favorite product or piece you’ve made lately?

Love making engagement rings, it is always thrilling and exciting to have people wear your art as a symbol of their love.

What sorts of things are inspiring you right now? Where do you look for inspiration?

Love Kandinsky and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. I made the Red Queen’s army with a little peppering of Kandinsky.

Are you bringing/selling anything special at the craft fair?

Bringing some micro-Kandinsky necklaces, crotchet bracelets and a lot of minimalism.

The holidays put me in the mood to….


Favorite holiday movie?

The Christmas Story

All I want for Christmas is…?

Healthy family, friends and successful business.

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