Students Get Lost in Creative Doodling on Metal Workshop

In this class, students doodled with intention through metal embossing.  This technique is sculptural, Zen-like, and simply gorgeous to look at. Instructor Charr taught participants how to use embossing tools and various techniques. Students embarked on a type of doodling that allows for freedom while creating line and design.

What at first glance may look complicated is actually very simple— each deliberate stroke at a time.  Dots, lines, curves, circles and squares all flowing into one another. Per Charr:

“The intention is to be adventurous.  We may not even know specifically where we are going or what it will look like in the end.  It can almost be a kind of artistic meditation.  The beautiful part is you don’t need to be an ‘artist’.  You’re already creative even if you don’t realize it.”

Charr Crail is an award-winning professional photographer and artist with over 25 years of experience. Charr loves to teach and speak to professional groups and colleges about photography, as well as host creative hands-on digital imaging workshops. Favorite workshops include: Digital Imaging (Photoshop), Photography, iPad for Artists, Creative Marketing with Your iPhone Camera and an interesting variety of unique artisan crafts.

Charr will also be teaching our 5 Hour Photoshop – Workshop on October 28th.



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