Strategic Plan charts SCNA path for next several years

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The SCNA board has been working with a consultant for more than six months on a Strategic Plan for the association. What is it and how it will affect the neighborhood? — Bruce Pierini

SCNA President Eric Johnson answers:

The SCNA Board of Directors’ Strategic Plan charts a path for this and future boards to follow for the next several years. It lays out overall priorities, and gives guidance when decisions between competing priorities need to be made.

This plan has a five-year horizon, and when completed, will be a robust road map for how SCNA should spend its time, money and other resources. It will provide goals with measurable outcomes so we can gauge our success or failure in achieving those goals.

It’s a little challenging to say what the real impact of the plan will be (you know what God does when you make plans…), but this document will help us out when we reach those points where we meet challenges and obstacles. It will also give some clarity on what we stand for, and what values the membership’s contributions support.

SCNA has not had a strategic plan for at least 10 years, and it will be good to have something in black and white that talks about who we are, what we’re all about, and where we’re headed.



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