Spotlight on SCNA Board Member: Family law expert has passion for mint chip ice cream

If Andi Liebenbaum followed her heart’s desire, she’d be making ice cream every day instead of working in the legal world for the state.

As a member of SCNA’s board of directors, Andi’s set her volunteering energy on issues that will make the neighborhood and region a better place for everyone. She’s eager to help resolve the development impasse with the Petrovich Development Co. so neighbors can concentrate energy in other areas.

Andi has lived in Sacramento for 12 years. She lived in Land Park and Sierra Oaks before buying a home on 28th Street between Broadway and Second Avenue. “I had always loved Curtis Park,” she said. “My street is rich in diversity. I love it.”

Before Andi landed in Sacramento, she had spread her wings far and wide from her childhood in Los Angeles. Her studies at Boston University included a year in Spain, and her early employment found her managing solar cars racing in Australia. She earned her law degree at Loyola University and worked as a defense attorney for five years. Among her non-profit jobs was developing the youth conservation corps.

Now she works for the Judicial Council of California in the government affairs division with a focus on family law and juvenile delinquency.

Never far from her thoughts is the sweet taste of ice cream. She says her overall favorite is mint chip (the version she makes), but her current passion is churning out a batch of cardamom with candied lemon peel from local lemons.

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