Sierra 2 staff hoping center gets green light to reopen soon

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s announcement in April that the state should be “open” by June 15 prompted hope and planning discussions with staff at Sierra 2 Center. While we had previously drafted operating plans for the day we finally got the green light to reopen, we did so with a lot of questions.

Today, we still have a lot of questions, but we also have more guidance on how to return to business gradually.

As of late May, we did not have clearance to offer any type of gatherings indoors at Sierra 2 Center. Some activities with modifications are allowable but not practical, such as religious gatherings and fitness classes, at 10% of space capacity.

When we reopen, hopefully sometime not long after June 15, we will do so with a specific schedule of activities. Attendees will be required to pre-register and masks will also be required. We will operate with limited hours solely to support the scheduled activities. The building will not initially be open to walk-ins and the casual passerby.

As we head into unknown territory with reopening, we will schedule activities no further than a month out until we are sure we have the staffing, controls and resources to expand operations further.

We will have regular, ongoing activities as well as one-time events like memorial services and receptions.

All activities and events will adhere to the state’s guidelines for each tier of the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Room use will be scheduled in such a way that no rooms in close proximity are used at the same time and with turnover times of at least an hour for any space used to allow for cleaning and ventilation.

While this is a hopeful step forward, we recognize there will be adjustments as we layer in the varieties of activities and gatherings for which the Sierra 2 Center is known.

We are grateful for neighborhood support, tenants and the patience of our broader community. We are as anxious to get people back as they are anxious to gather again.

Terri Shettle is executive director of the Sierra 2 Center.

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