Sierra 2 Green, a Sacramento City Park

The Sierra School property (buildings and the park) is owned by the City and administered by the Department of Youth, Parks and Community Enrichment (YPCE). SCNA maintains and operates Sierra 2 Buildings per a lease agreement with the City. SCNA has no authority over the operation and management of the Sierra 2 Greens, which includes the playground, basketball
court and grass area.

The City of Sacramento’s YPCE department has determined that while the grass areas at Sierra II Greens have been frequently used by dog owners as a limited dog training area, the current condition of the park does not meet the requirements of a dog park for off-leash use and continued use as-is presents safety issues.

Previous Discussions About Park Usage

Over the summer, the SCNA Neighborhood Concerns Committee (NCC) addressed complaints about off-leash dogs in the park with the City and requested it provide clarification of use of the Green. After much back and forth with the City, NCC arranged a meeting at the Green with users of the limited dog training area, (the Dogxillary) and City staff on September 13, 2022.

In midOctober, Shannon Brown, Assistant Director of the DYPCE requested permission to appear at the November SCNA Board meeting to present its official findings regarding the status and use of the Green.

The City informed SCNA of its findings:

  • The Green is not an officially designated dog park and does not conform to the requirements for a dog park due to lack of proper fencing and proximity to the children’s playground.
  • The City had no record of any permit being issued to or renewed by any entity for use of the Green as a dog training area.
  • The conclusion was that the Green’s current use by unleashed dogs did not conform to City regulations and is unsafe.

Future Use of the Park

Read the entire notice from the City.

YPCE is exploring opportunities at parks in the Curtis Park neighborhood for potential renovations and the addition of amenities that meet the needs of users in the area. Staff will work to receive community feedback on the interest of potential amenities in the coming months.

In December 2022, staff will share a survey with the community to solicit feedback on park use at multiple parks in the Curtis Park neighborhood. The feedback will inform potential renovations and amenities at parks in the future. During this outreach period while residents are responding to the survey and until any renovations are completed, YPCE asks for cooperation and voluntary compliance of the City’s park rules to ensure safety for all users.

FAQ Information

Why is off-leash dog use changing at Sierra II Park?

The Sierra II Park is a neighborhood park that features a soccer field, playground, and basketball courts. While the grass areas at Sierra II Park have been frequently used by dog owners as a limited dog training area, the park does not currently meet requirements be used as a dog park for off-leash use. Sierra II Park is not designed to be an off-leash dog park which creates an unsafe environment for dogs and patrons using the park.

When will the changes at Sierra II Park go into effect?

In early December signs will be installed notifying users of the change. Once the signs are posted, all dogs at the park must be on a leash. YPCE asks for cooperation and voluntary compliance of the City’s park rules to ensure safety for all users.

How can the community provide feedback on this?

In December 2022, a survey will be shared with the community to solicit feedback on the needs of the users in the area.

Where are the dog parks in the city?

Arden Arcade
University Dog Park – 1900 University Avenue
Central City
Sutter’s Landing Park – 20 28th Street
Truitt Bark Park – 1818 Q Street
East Sacramento
Granite Regional Park – 8200 Ramona Avenue
Land Park
Partner Park – 5699 South Land Park Drive
Lynn Robie Dog Park – 7895 Freeport Boulevard
North Natomas
North Natomas Regional Park – 2501 New Market Drive
Regency Community Park – 5500 Honor Parkway
Tanzanite Community Park – 2220 Tanzanite Way
Valley Oak Dog Park – 2780 Mabry Drive
South Natomas
Barandas Dog Park – 2805 Grasslands Drive
Blackbird Park Dog Parks – 3765 Hovanian Drive
Glenbrook Park – 8500 La Riviera Drive
South Area
Jacinto Creek Park – 8600 West Stockton Boulevard

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