SCNA is Hiring an Executive Director

Qualified candidates should send a cover letter and resume of qualifications to [email protected] with “Executive Director position” in the subject line no later than midnight on September 15, 2023.   Please convert documents to pdf format before sending.

Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association Executive Director Job Description 

The Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association (SCNA) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the Curtis Park neighborhood and surrounding areas of Sacramento. With a nearly $1M annual operating budget, SCNA operates the Sierra 2 Center for the Arts & Community to foster cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities for all members of the greater Sacramento community. 

The SCNA Executive Director is responsible for managing the daily operations of SCNA and the Sierra 2 Center, including SCNA’s employees and contractors, its building and grounds, its special events and fundraising, its in-house programs, and all its fiscal operations. 

The Executive Director is hired by, reports to and is directly accountable to the SCNA Board of Directors through the SCNA Board President. The Executive Director’s direct supervisor is the SCNA Board President. 

The following duties and responsibilities are to be carried out at the direction of the SCNA Board of Directors and its committees: 

Facility Management 

  • Operate, maintain, rent and manage the Sierra 2 Center, to keep the building and grounds in good repair and to ensure solvency for the facility. 
  • Promote and rent the Sierra 2 Center to the general public and arts and education-related nonprofits. 
  • Annually implement and update the SCNA Facilities Plan for major building renovations. 
  • Maintain effective customer relations with tenants, renters and visitors. 
  • Prepare and execute leases with tenants. 
  • Conduct annual survey of tenants to determine tenant satisfaction, needs and services. 
  • Ensure building security and safety for staff, lessees, renters and the public. 
  • Act as liaison to City of Sacramento for requests and/or projects affecting Sierra 2 Center. 
  • Recommend facility and tenant/renter policies to the Facilities Committee as needed. 
  • Assist Facilities Committee in developing an annual budget. 

Personnel and Payroll 

  • Hire, fire, evaluate, discipline, train and supervise SCNA staff utilizing policies and procedures established by the Personnel Committee as set forth in the Personnel Handbook. 
  • Oversee maintenance of all personnel records, payroll, health care benefits, and labor law compliance. 
  • Propose job descriptions including needed skills and abilities, work schedules, salary and benefit packages for all SCNA employees to the Personnel Committee for annual review and budgeting. 


  • Prepare grant proposals to secure funding for the Sierra 2 Center, SCNA programs and activities in coordination with the designated SCNA committees. 
  • Solicit donations and in-kind contributions as appropriate for SCNA approved events, programs, and building projects. 
  • Assist Board members and volunteers in strategizing fundraising methods and opportunities. 


  • Work with the Development Committee to annually propose and implement strategies and programs to promote membership in SCNA. 
  • Maintain a roster of members; take action to renew memberships prior to expiration. 

Promotion and Marketing 

  • Assist the Development Committee and/or its designated subcommittee to carry out SCNA’s primary special events. 
  • Actively market Sierra 2 Center rentals for both tenant and activity spaces. 
  • Assist and support as needed with production of Viewpoint – SCNA’s monthly publication distributed to Curtis Park households – including occasional attendance at Viewpoint Committee meetings. 
  • Oversee SCNA’s website to ensure accuracy and timeliness of information. 

Overall Management and Administration 

  • Assume all fiscal accountability for the operation of the association and its assets. 
  • Report regularly to the SCNA Board on progress toward organizational objectives, financial status and other issues of concern; propose new policies as appropriate. 
  • Recommend goals and objectives for the Executive Director and SCNA staff at least annually. 
  • Prepare all documents and reports required by the City of Sacramento and/or other governmental agencies; monitor lease agreement with the City of Sacramento to ensure compliance with lease terms and any required information or reports. 

Support to the Board of Directors 

The SCNA Executive Director is directly responsible to the Board, and is expected to: 

  • Attend all meetings (typically monthly), including Board (regular, special and Annual Membership), Executive, Finance, Facilities, Development and Personnel Committee meetings, as requested, including those held on evenings and weekends. Attendance at six evening committee meetings per month is typical. 
  • Advise and assist committees with planning, implementing and reporting of activities. Coordinate necessary staff and volunteer support. 
  • Be on hand for all SCNA sponsored events. 
  • Provide the SCNA Board with adequate information to help it reach sound decisions and establish policies. 
  • Assist in carrying out SCNA Board meetings by working with the SCNA Board President to develop and distribute the monthly Board agenda and its supplemental materials. 
  • Maintain all official SCNA records, including all personnel and related records. Carry out special projects as assigned by the Board and/or its committees as appropriate. 

Education and Training 

Desirable Qualifications: Five years’ experience in nonprofit and facilities management; three years in a management and leadership position overseeing at least seven to ten employees and the work of contract workers; minimum of a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences Degree from a state accredited college or university, an MBA or similar post graduate degree are desirable. 

Experience, Knowledge and Skills 

The SCNA Board of Directors is looking for a dynamic individual to match the multi-faceted responsibilities of our association and its mission. Of paramount importance is the ability to foster and maintain effective working relationships with the SCNA Board, its various committees, SCNA employees and community groups, tenants and clients of the Sierra 2 Center. 

Experience, Knowledge, and Skills in the following areas is desired

  • Experience in building management with rental and leased tenants 
  • Experience in property management, including renovation and building upkeep 
  • Experience in the marketing and promotion of rental property, special events, fundraising, and membership services 
  • Experience in service to a nonprofit and a board of directors 
  • Experience managing and leading staff with diverse job duties and responsibilities. 
  • Experience in and ability to establish a productive, responsive and safe working environment 
  • Knowledge of nonprofit accounting practices commensurate with SCNA’s 
  • Knowledge of and proficiency in Word, Excel, and other business-based electronic documents 
  • Knowledge of personnel management, including employment and labor laws and procedures, medical and other paid benefits 
  • Experience and/or familiarity with 501(c)(3) organizations and knowledge of related state and federal laws 
  • Experience and familiarity with state and federal employment laws 
  • Knowledge of planning, land use, and historic building requirements and resources 
  • Knowledge of the local arts community and related resources 
  • Excellent leadership skills 
  • Excellent customer service skills 
  • Excellent written communication, oral communication, and presentation skills 
  • Excellent skills and abilities for managing neighborhood scale politics 

Salary will be commensurate with experience, knowledge, and skills. The salary range is $85,000-$100,000. Medical, dental, vision, and retirement benefits are available. 

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