Seven New Board Members Elected in First Online Annual Meeting

On December 2nd at 6:30pm Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association held an election of the Board of Directors via zoom. In this packed online meeting, existing and potential board members, introduced themselves and provided brief statements about their background and vision for the board. 

Seventy two ballots were tallied overnight and voter emails were compared with register member emails to ensure a fair election. The SCNA board bylaws allow for 23 board members – 7 seats were filled. Read more about the existing board members.

New Board Members

  • Shannon Motley
  • Lily M. Harris
  • Jessica Bivens
  • Mimi Budd
  • Bruce Pierini—Incumbent
  • John Mathews—Incumbent
  • Susan French—Incumbent

About Our New Members

Shannon Motley

I have been living in Curtis Park for the past four years and have loved every day. It’s been fun to see the family picnics, tennis games, and other outdoor activities increase this year in our community, and I hope the park will continue to be a desirable place to gather. In the past I have been able to take advantage of the Sierra 2 Center, which I consider a tremendous asset to our neighborhood. The SCNA has made Curtis park a wonderful community, which is why I am interested in joining the board and becoming a more active member of the neighborhood. I have always had a passion for health and wellness, and have spent my career in medical sales. I have a Masters Degree in Public Health, and welcome the opportunity to put that training to use in the community. In my free time, I can be found out with my horse, teaching Pilates, and chasing after my nephew, niece and cousin, all of whom love exploring Curtis Park.

Lily M. Harris

My husband and I live on Coleman Way with our two-year-old daughter Roxana (and another on the way). We moved to Curtis Park in June of 2019, and now that we are settled in, I would very much like to become more active with SCNA. We became members last year, and have attended a few meetings and events. Roxana just started at Great Beginnings this week. I am an attorney for a law firm in San Francisco, and I work almost entirely from home. My husband Chris is a stay-at-home dad, though he is hoping to open a coffee shop (ideally within Curtis Park) in the next year or two. We love this neighborhood and SCNA, and want to give back however we can. I would like to be considered for a position on the board this coming winter. Please let me know what I can do to become more involved.

Jessica Bivens

I am native to Sacramento. I lived here until I moved to the Bay area in 2004. I then moved to New York in 2013 and lived there until 2019. When I knew I was coming back, I started looking for a house. I found this adorable 1950’s ranch home on the corner of 24th and 9th. I was not familiar with Curtis Park so as soon as my flight landed, I headed over. It was perfect! The neighborhood is adorable. Each house has it’s own individual personality and it was immediately evident that everyone has pride in their homes and their local community. All the neighbors were friendly and inclusive. I loved their political and community views. I even had the privilege of contributing to the local Viewpoint publication (twice I might add). I have met so many new and wonderful people and I knew that once I settled in, I would get involved in contributing in some way, politically and/or locally. I have told people that the Curtis Park folks wield a might sword when they go against an issue. That kind of attachment to one’s neighborhood is what keeps it the gem that it is.

With all that, let me know if I can contribute or serve in a capacity as the Board sees fit.

Mimi Budd

I have lived in Curtis Park since 1981. I served previously as both a member and president of the SCNA board. I worked as an attorney for several elected members of the California legislature and numerous state departments during my career. At the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs I served as chief counsel. I am active in Emily’s List, a PAC to support Democratic women candidates, the Brady Campaign United Against Gun Violence, and I organized a group of neighbors who meet monthly to discuss political issues. I have served in the Peace Corps in Nigeria, West Africa and am currently Vice-President of the Friends of Nigeria board of directors and a member of the maternal health committee. I presently serve on the SCNA Ad Hoc Committee for Racial Justice and look forward to advancing committee recommendations as a board member. I am also interested in furthering cooperative relationships between SCNA and other neighborhood associations and in ensuring Sierra2’s financial viability.

Bruce Pierini—Incumbent

Bruce spent 38 years as a professor of anthropology at community colleges and CSU Sacramento. He enjoyed introducing students to the vast and intriguing research literature and theories in anthropology. Now retired, his interests include Italian, French and Spanish languages, reading fiction and nonfiction, gardening, cooking, travel and keeping up with developments in the sciences. Bruce has served on the SCNA Board since 2013, including work on the Development, Neighborhood Concerns and Facilities Committees. He has been married to Wayne Anderson since 1978 and together they enjoy traveling the world. Bruce is currently the SCNA Board Secretary. He has lived in Curtis Park for 35 years.

John Mathews—Incumbent

John has lived in Curtis Park for 35 years, in a house that has been in his family since 1945. He has served on the SCNA Board of Directors for well over a decade, working on the preservation and betterment of our beautiful neighborhood. He hopes to continue serving on the Board to monitor the completion of the Crocker Village project and its impact on Curtis Park.

Susan French—Incumbent

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