Second Avenue among 24 city streets with speed limits reduced

City Council has approved reduced speed limits on Second Avenue and 23 other street segments to make them safer for those who use or live near the roads.

Speed limits will be reduced by 5 mph based on studies of how fast people drive on the streets.

The affected segment of Second Avenue is from 21st Street to Stockton Boulevard. Other nearby streets affected are 33rd Street from Fifth to 12th Avenues in Oak Park; Seventh Street from F to T streets Downtown; and Capitol Avenue from 15th Street to Alhambra Boulevard in Midtown. On each of these streets the new speed limit will be 25 mph.

“Data shows that high-speed collisions are more likely to cause fatalities or serious injuries,” said senior traffic engineer Megan Carter, “and encouraging drivers to go slower improves safety for everyone living on these streets.”

State law requires cities to study speed limits every five to 10 years to ensure vehicle speeds are enforceable and safe for their surroundings.

Public Works employees conduct speed surveys on a rotating basis every seven years, measuring the average speed of cars along each segment. Using average speeds and other factors such as pedestrian and bike activity, and nearby schools and parks, they recommend the appropriate speed limit to be posted, Carter said.

Franklin Boulevard was among 46 streets surveyed with no changes recommended. The speed limit will remain 30 mph from Broadway to Sutterville Road and 35 mph from Sutterville Road to Fruitridge Road.

The changes become effective as soon as new signs are installed.

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