SCNA takes measures to address neighbors’ public safety concerns

What is SCNA doing about neighborhood safety?

—Bruce Pierini

SCNA Board Member John Mathews answers:

SCNA has conducted a number of public meetings in the past two years to discuss neighborhood safety concerns and explore solutions.

SCNA and Councilmember Jay Schenirer recently held a public discussion at Sierra 2 Center on neighborhood safety with Police Chief Daniel Hahn, Capt. Dave Peletta, Assistant City Manager Arturo Sanchez, and Sacramento Police Department Impact Team representatives.

SCNA held a neighborhood meeting with city traffic engineers to discuss how the neighbors can petition the city for traffic calming on their street.

SCNA held a meeting with neighbors to discuss hiring a private security company to patrol Curtis Park streets. It was decided that it would be better for individual streets and areas of the neighborhood to hire their own private security.

SCNA and the Land Park Community Association co-sponsored a public meeting to discuss homelessness in Sacramento. Several representatives from the city and private organizations answered questions and discussed solutions.

SCNA will host a Cops and Coffee event in which city police officers will meet with neighbors to answer questions and address public safety concerns. The date is yet to be determined.

SCNA is still advocating for a safe pedestrian/bike path through Crocker Village to avoid future heavy traffic on Crocker Drive.

SCNA will work with the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation to fill in hazardous depressions and holes in William Curtis Park.

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