SCNA begins strategic planning effort

By Andrea Rosen
Viewpoint staff writer

Last year the SCNA budgeted for a strategic planning consultant. It issued a Request for Proposal in January 2017 to get that effort under way. As most neighbors know, SCNA operates both as a neighborhood association as well as a non-profit business operating a vibrant arts and community center that receives an estimated 400,000 visits a year and has a significant budget. The Sierra 2 complex is about 40,000 square feet and includes a 297-seat theater, three dance studios, a banquet hall and many individual rooms, some of which are rented to regular tenants and some reserved for block users. SCNA as a neighborhood association is unique due to its operation of the Sierra 2 Center.

SCNA outgrew its last strategic plan quite a while ago and has never had a formal Mission or Vision statement. Having a strong and clear 5-year strategic plan accompanied by an implementation plan based on its Mission and Vision statements is widely considered important best practices for successful non-profits.

After reviewing proposals and conducting interviews of all respondents, the Impact Foundry was selected. (Its former name was the Non Profit Resource Center.) Its executive director, Kim Tucker, will lead the strategic planning effort, which is expected to take about six months.

SCNA board members are committed to putting in the time and the work to make this a meaningful and productive effort. Terri Shettle, as SCNA’s executive director, will spearhead the process in conjunction with the consultant. The Board may be seeking input from neighbors via an online survey, so please stay tuned.

As always, the Board encourages all neighbors to join SCNA so our neighborhood can maintain the Sierra 2 center and be prepared for the future.

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