On sale at Sierra 2: Curtis Park history comes alive in walking tour brochures

Between 2007–2014, the Curtis Park Heritage Committee produced a series of highly informative and creative brochures illustrating the history of the six subdivisions in our neighborhood. The documents are a great resource and an enjoyable read for anyone wishing to discover more about our neighborhood’s history, its subdivisions, and possibly their own house.

Many Curtis Park residents may not be aware that the neighborhood Curtis Park history comes alive in walking tour brochures was planned as a series of defined subdivisions. The brochures address the following subdivisions: Curtis Oaks, Saint Francis Oaks, South Curtis Oaks, West Curtis Oaks, Heilbron Oaks, and South Curtis Oaks Hill. The brochures provide an informative resource for taking an educational and sometimes surprising walking tour of the individual subdivisions.

Curtis Oaks was the first subdivision established in 1907. This subdivision reflects the early 20th century home styles of Prairie, Arts and Crafts Bungalow, and Four Square along with a smattering of later styles. The majority of our neighborhood was developed in the 1920s with homes built in popular and very distinctive European Revival styles. Some of Sacramento’s best examples of European Revival architecture are found in our neighborhood.

Developed in 1928, South Curtis Oaks Hill was the last subdivision, with its lots sold out in a matter of weeks reflecting the real estate boom of the period.

Our neighborhood has been home to numerous Sacramento mayors, founders of local businesses, and people like writer Joan Didion and mid-century designer Ray Eames. Many of them went on to make their mark on our state and country. The brochures identify the building date, original owners, their professions, and other information of many individual homes in the neighborhood.

The writers and researchers of these wonderful brochures include Dan Murphy (Curtis Park Heritage Chief Emeritus), Janice Calpo, Susan MacCulloch, Doug Patton, John Johnson, Denise O’Connor, Lyn Franks, Anne Mazur, and Anne Fenker.

Four of the original six brochures are available for purchase at $1 each at the Sierra 2 office.

By Erik Fay Viewpoint staff writer



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