Sacramento Zoo considers finding new location

The Sacramento Zoo has started a conversation about moving from its Land Park location, and many neighbors have spoken up, providing opinions on both sides. Most of the neighbors who posted on were initially against the zoo moving. The zoo is one of 250 U.S. zoos and aquariums accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and must meet stringent standards for animal care and the facilities that house them. The zoo is nearly a century old, and many of the enclosures no longer meet AZA standards. As a result, some popular animals are no longer at the Sacramento Zoo, including elephants, hippopotamuses, tigers and bears. The main concerns are the zoo’s limited size (14 acres) for any expansion and limited parking for patrons.

In the 1990s, the city proposed expanding the zoo into about half of Land Park’s total acreage. The Land Park Community Association strongly opposed the expansion. City Council eventually relented. Currently, relocation of the zoo’s larger exhibits to a different area seems to be the focus, subject to further study and analysis. Another alternative would maintain the current location as a children’s zoo. No decisions have been made about funding sources and the amount needed. More information about the zoo’s future can be found on their website.

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An Oak Park neighbor reported that a speeding hit-and-run driver killed her black cat, Blackjack. An outpouring of more than 60 NextDoor posts expressed sympathy for the loss of the cat, with some suggesting ways to locate the driver with neighborhood security cameras.

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A Midtown neighbor reported that she was walking her little white dog, Toby, when it was attacked by a pit bull on a leash while the owner, distracted by his phone, was not holding the leash tightly. The veterinary bill was about $750, with many neighbors contributing to the cost. About 130 neighbors on NextDoor posted comments, largely sympathetic to the injured dog’s owner.

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