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The Theater at Sierra 2 Center

The Theater at Sierra 2 Center, built in 1929 from plans by landmark architects Dean & Dean, is an ideal setting for large meetings, lectures, film screenings and performances. The interior architecture, including wood beams and chandeliers, stage configuration and dressing rooms date to the original construction of the auditorium in 1929. In constant demand by performing arts groups, the theatre seats 296 people and is fully equipped with a sound system, theatrical lights, draperies, stage, and dressing rooms. To check availability or to book the theatre, please email Valerie@sierra2.org or call (916) 452-3005 x202.


Theater Rental Fees

The theater is fully equipped with draperies, theatrical lights, sound system and projection screen. The comfortable auditorium, which seats 296 people, includes a full stage and two side dressing rooms. The theater lobby has two bathrooms and two bulletin boards that may be decorated by renter.

Theater rental fees include the use of the 24th St. Theatre lighting and sound system. The cost of additional fixtures, bulbs or audio equipment, whether rented or purchased, that is added to the current installation must be paid for, installed and removed, by renter.

Daily Rate$800
Weekly Rate$3000
Hourly (4 hour min)$125
Refundable Reservation Deposit$300 Non-Theatrical Shows

Equipment Rental Fees

Microphone with cord (includes use of sound system)$25/day, $125/week
Wireless microphone
$50/day, $150/week
Lapel microphone$50/day, $150/week
Altman Follow Spot$50/day or $200/wk
Eartec COMSTAR XT-3 All-In-One Wireless Headset System for 3 persons$50/day, $200/week
QSC E10 10-Inch Passive Speaker Stage Monitor$50 each per day, $200 each per week
Direct Box (db 100 high to low impedance converter)N/C
Adaptors and cablesN/C (very limited supply)
Panasonic LCD Projector with remote$100/day or $300/wk
Sony Blu-Ray/DVD Player$25/day
Genie AWP 25S Lift (not for use on stage)N/C
Yamaha Upright Piano$25/day or $125/wk

Refunds & Cancellations

All Rentals

A refundable reservation deposit, signed contract, and policy form are required to secure your reservation.

Rental fees must be paid 120 days prior to reserved date. Non payment of rents by the 120th day will result in the forfeiture of dates and deposit.

Only the deposit will be refunded for bookings canceled less than 120 days from the rental date. Cancellations must be made in writing.

Weekly Rate Rentals

The weekly rate is intended to encompass the portions of a seven-day consecutive period, inclusive of rehearsal time and use of space to store props and sets between shows.

Weekly rate will be prorated if one of the seven consecutive days is not available due to a holiday or other one day booking. The theater must be left empty on the day it’s not available.

Threshold for triggering weekly rate: rental group wishes to retain their props/sets/lights/sound system on the premises between shows. The theater will not be rented to any other users during this time.

Theater Rental Policies

Lighting and Audio Technician

It is the renter’s responsibility to hire their own lighting and audio technicians. The theater has a list of production companies who have supplied lighting and audio technicians to previous renters. Sierra 2 Center Facility Monitors and office personnel are not technicians and will not be able to assist with theater equipment or troubleshooting. It is the responsibility of the technician to re-set the basic house plot following the rental, return color gels and fixtures that have been removed or moved on the day of the strike.


The theater contains 257 fixed seats with space for 34 folding chairs and five wheelchairs. Wheelchair access is available by an inside hallway theater entrance through the main building. Raked seating allows for excellent sight lines. Seats are numbered, allowing open or reserved seating as seen in the detailed theater seating chart. The accessible seating chart shows ADA entrances.


The theater stage is elevated, measuring roughly 30′ x 30′ and includes a proscenium, cyclorama, black velvet curtains and a motorized 16′ x 16′ projection screen. A small area at the base of the stage can accommodate a small orchestra. See the Stage Diagram and Stage and House Dimensions for more information.


The theater is equipped with an ETC Element 40-250 programmable lighting control console.  The console allows straightforward programming of cues and up to 40 submasters. There are 34 dimmers rated at 2400 watts each, hard patched to the three fixed electrics and the FOH lighting beam.  DMX runs between the control booth and stage, allowing for the integration of additional dimmers or intelligent lighting.

The theater is configured with lighting divided into 3 upstage areas and 3 downstage areas – each 8 feet deep  – giving a uniformly lit 16 foot deep general performance area (25 feet wide).


In the control booth the theater’s core sound system consists of a Behringer X32 Producer 32-Channel Digital Mixing Console with Midas Preamps, 2 QSC amplifiers and two flown QSC AP-5102 2-Way Passive Enclosure 500 Watt speakers. There is a CD player/iPod/MP3/WMA combo unit and an auxiliary input in the control booth for input (XLR) of a third party playback device. A breakout box on stage right allows for 8 microphones, 2 instrument inputs, and 2 monitor outputs (line level).

Wired and wireless microphones, Eartec Wireless Communication headphones, QSC E10 10-Inch Passive Speaker Stage Monitors, piano, cabling, and a portable PA system are available for rent.

Dressing Rooms

Two dressing rooms are located at stage left with access directly to the stage. Both dressing rooms include sinks, mirrors and dressing racks. Toilets are located down the hall from the dressing rooms. No showers are available. The main hallway near the dressing rooms contains vending machines with sodas, water and snacks.

The Garden Room or other nearby rooms are available to rent for receptions, open dressing rooms or as a back stage holding area.


The theater is wheelchair accessible from the front main and south end entrances of the Sierra 2 Center. Handicap restrooms are located nearby in the main lobby.


Sierra 2 has two free parking lots and various on-street parking options. See parking details.


Renters can hang a 4-8′ banner outside the theater entrance. There are five hooks installed at two foot intervals above the front steps. There are also community bulletin boards inside the main building where flyers and posters may be hung. Sierra 2 will advertise shows free of charge in our monthly newspaper, The Viewpoint, and on our website. No events may be announced or publicized in any manner (including “save the date” announcements) until a fully executed rental contract and full deposit is on file.

Box Office

The theater does not have a box office and the Sierra 2 Center will not sell tickets. Renters either sell advance tickets online or at the door the day of the show.


It is the renters responsibility to hire all theater staff, i.e., House Manager, Stage Manager, Box Office and Ushers.





Room Information

The Theater at Sierra 2 Center Rental Rates