Recording of the SCNA Webinar on Tiny Homes Under W/X Freeway

The SCNA Neighborhood Concerns Committee hosted an informational webinar on the city’s Homeless Siting Master Plan Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2021 on Zoom.

A recording of the webinar

The focus was on how the Curtis Park neighborhood may be impacted by the proposal to install 200 tiny homes to house up to 400 people under the W/X freeway between 18th and 24th streets.

Panelists included District 5 Councilman Jay Schenirer, Chris Jones, member of the Colonial Heights Neighborhood Association and Jeff Stowell, Architect with Silva Stowell Architects, LLP.

SCNA Board member Lily M. Harris moderated and questions were submitted by registrants and attendees. Some questions explored included:

  • Demographics of the homeless. How many homeless in the City of Sacramento? Provide data on the different groups of homeless and each group’s specific needs. For example, women, mothers and children, homeless who lost jobs in pandemic, long-time homeless as life- style, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, etc.
  • Implementation: How, exactly, will this program work? Will mental health, drug treatment, social services, job training, aid to transition to permanent housing be in place as the homeless arrive? What are the criteria for transitioning to permanent housing?
  • Transportation. Will the homeless be transported to other sights for services? How will it be provided?
  • Martin v Boise Case. What will the impact of this case be on the way the City’s homeless plan is implemented?
  • Equitable distribution of homeless. What are plans for homeless shelters and support in other Sacramento neighborhoods throughout the city including North and South Natomas, East Sacramento, the Pocket, Riverside, south Sacramento and Land Park?
  • What kinds of exposure to air and noise pollution would residents in tiny homes under the freeway be exposed to? Are there plans to mitigate these impacts?

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