Racial justice webinars praised

SCNA’s Ad Hoc Committee for Racial Justice produced two recent webinars that attendees praised for their quality and usefulness.

The first webinar, Sept. 24, was “Facing the History of Racial Exclusion in Curtis Park.” Viewpoint Editor Dennis Cusick moderated a discussion with panelists Ginger Rutland and Dan Murphy on the history of deeds, covenants, restrictions and redlining.

The second webinar, Oct. 1, was “Discovering and Dealing With Unconscious Bias.” Psychologist Alison Ledgerwood of UC Davis shared studies showing how and where unconscious racism plays out.

She pointed out that individual bias and systematic bias are separate but intertwined. Many white people will say, “I’m not a racist,” meaning they are not intentionally and actively discriminating against people of color. But passivity in the face of racism by others enables and perpetuates racism.

Videos of both webinars may be viewed at https://sierra2.org/webinar.

The ad hoc committee has created a list of resources on anti-racism, Black history and Black experiences at https://sierra2.org/racial-justice/.

Written by Bruce Pierini and posted on Sunday, November 1st, 2020

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