Q&A: Do SCNA dues and contributions pay for people outside the neighborhood at The Learnery?

How much of a market is there for all the new classes at The Learnery? Are SCNA dues and contributions going to fund activities for people outside the neighborhood?

SCNA Executive Director Terri Shettle answers:

We believe the opportunities to draw participants to The Learnery are unlimited so long as the classes and activities are fresh, relevant to market interests and affordable.

We have the unique advantage of offering these classes in a well-established, historic venue that has been the foundation of the Curtis Park neighborhood.

For more than 35 years, the Sierra 2 Center has been a hub for social, artistic and cultural activities, although our role has been mostly to create the space and provide amenities to make the activities possible.

With The Learnery, we are actively leading the activities, tailoring the offerings to reflect the trends and interests in the community.

The Learnery was envisioned to provide visitors from Curtis Park and surrounding communities a welcoming place to enhance personal and professional capabilities. Most of these varied classes cover their costs and some even help fund SCNA operations.

As long as people are interested in learning, exploring and cultivating their curiosities, there is a market for The Learnery. As with all things we do, we welcome and encourage input and ideas.

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