President’s message: SCNA’s finances still not pretty, but Porch Picnic fundraiser helped

Good news is always welcome.

I congratulate and extend kudos to all who helped make SCNA’s Porch Picnic a success. It was an outstanding example of what can be accomplished with a positive attitude and creative thinking. We sold 195 tickets and received some miscellaneous donations as well.

While we will not know the final tally until a full accounting is completed, SCNA will likely net about $18,000.

A follow-up survey will be conducted to obtain a broader view of the Porch Picnic, but the early comments are positive. The food in particular seems to have been well received. It provided a needed boost to our local restaurants.

Our financial situation is still not pretty, but it has stabilized somewhat.

Unfortunately, we continue to suffer a net cash outflow of approximately $18,000 per month, although the Porch Picnic will certainly provide needed cash infusion. We do not expect any dramatic changes in COVID restrictions for the near future, but are hopeful for incremental lessening that would help restore some sense of normalcy in the use of the Sierra 2 Center.

The annual SCNA membership

meeting will be in December, when we conduct elections to fill existing board vacancies. Under our bylaws, director terms are for two years and staggered, with 12 directors elected in even years and 11 directors in odd years. Director terms begin in January at the first board meeting. Due to the circumstances of the last board elections in January 2020, 11 positions received one-year terms, which means there are 11 positions to be filled.

The Nominations Committee will present a list of candidates for the 11 open positions at the November board meeting. That candidate list will include any directors with expiring terms who wish to remain on the board and SCNA resident members identified by the committee as desirous of being considered.

While nominations can be made from the floor at the membership meeting, please remember that you must be a member of SCNA to participate in this process. If you have a desire to serve on the board or know someone who would be interested, please contact Bruce Pierini, chair of the Nominations Committee, through the Sierra 2 office.

Thanks to all of you again for supporting our efforts to keep Sierra 2 going. Together we will muddle through all this.

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