President’s message: City invests in neighborhood upgrades

I’m looking forward to the annual SCNA neighborhood meeting Nov. 14. We’ve got a good slate of speakers, an intriguing presentation from the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission (heavy rail to Sac City?), an update from Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, and board elections that promise to be completely free of foreign interference.

We’ll also have our annual State of the Center from our executive director, an update on the SCNA strategic plan and who knows what else. Oh, that’s right: “I” know! We’ll have refreshments, including beer and wine for members and for those who sign up to be members. It’s sure to be a good time, and an opportunity to hear just how your membership dollars are supporting our community plus all the programs and events that are centered on Sierra 2.

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It’s my hope that by attending the meeting, you’ll get a sense of how much work is involved in running the neighborhood association and the Sierra 2 Center. One of the things we’re working on is to revitalize our corps of volunteers.

This year, for instance, through a combination of vacations, retirements and other circumstances, we did not have a volunteer committee for the Wine Tasting event. This means the majority of the preparation — soliciting donations, talking to wineries and restaurants, setup — was done by Sierra 2 staff.

Volunteering as part of a committee is a great way to meet your neighbors, get your hands a little dirty, and be an integral part of an event that shows off the best of Curtis Park. How often do you get to help make 500 people happy?


Speaking of making people happy, the City is investing some serious effort in improving the sidewalks and drainage in our neighborhood. They’ve completely replaced most of the drains down 26th Street, in addition to improving the curbs for handicapped access. Last year, there were several intersections that were boatable due to leaves blocking the ancient, tiny drains. With any luck, these improvements will lead to fewer incidents of residents with rakes clearing things out in the middle of the downpour.

Curtis Park continues to be a fantastic place. New neighbors, new kids, new friends, new connections. With a solid 20 years in Sacramento under my belt, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

I hope to see you Nov. 14.


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