Powerhouse Science Center designer lives on Fourth Avenue

If you’ve driven recently along Interstate 5 just north of downtown, you’ve probably seen the construction under way on the old power station next to the river. The architect who designed the renovation and expansion of the historic building is Jason Silva of Fourth Avenue.

A graduate of Cal Poly’s architectural program, Silva is a partner in Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture. He has worked on the Powerhouse Science Center for 12 years.

Architect for the Powerhouse Science Center is Jason Silva of Fourth Avenue with his wife, Janel, and their son, Madison, 12, on vacation in Arizona.

Leading up to the start of construction were numerous design changes and challenges with funding.

“We always had to be sensitive to the historic significance” of the building, Silva said.

Since mid-May, drivers have been able to see into the building because the east wall has been removed.

“I’m excited that it’s moving forward,” Silva said. “Everything from the beginning design is there. It’s an amazing project.”

Silva explained that the construction includes shoring up the historic building as well as adding a floor in the central area, building a planetarium, a classroom and a café.

Silva said he expects the Powerhouse Science Center to open in 2021.

For more information about the center: www.dreyfussblackford.com/ project/powerhouse-science-center/.

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