Notes from Sept. 4 meeting Changes considered for next Curtis Fest

Curtis Fest on Aug. 25 was a success.

Vendors and food truck operators expressed pleasure with the levels of sales and support. Estimated attendance was more than 1,000 people.

Planning for future years will include discussions about the event date and timing, possibly including giving Curtis Fest its own day, separate from Music in the Park.


The SCNA board voted to establish a nominations committee as outlined in the Strategic Plan. This group will evaluate the makeup of the board and identify gaps and needs to fully represent the community and further the work of SCNA and the Sierra 2 Center.

The committee’s first project will be to develop a process to identify and recruit potential board members.

Neighbors who are interested in learning more about the SCNA board are encouraged to reach out to Andi Liebenbaum, the committee chair and SCNA president, at [email protected].

Neighborhood Concerns

The Neighborhood Concerns Committee continues to evaluate individuals and organizations requesting to speak at board meetings. Anyone with an issue to bring to the board is urged to contact [email protected].

– Charles Angelis, SCNA board member

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