Notes from March 4 meeting: Coalition of ‘Parks’ associations proposed

The Land Park Community Association is proposing a “Parks” coalition of Curtis Park, Hollywood Park, Land Park, South Land Park and Upper Land Park neighborhood associations. SCNA’s Neighborhood Concerns Committee has been invited to give input on the Land Park association’s traffic-safety group.

Neighborhood Concerns

John Mathews and Dan Pskowski were elected co-chairs at the Neighborhood Concerns Committee meeting.

The committee was asked to set up another meeting to discuss organizing a Curtis Park Neighborhood Watch.

A neighbor has asked for help with traffic calming on 26th Street.

Executive director

The Crab Feed in February netted $3,700.

Executive Director Terri Shettle gave a presentation on the history and dimensions of the Sierra 2 Center. The building is 40,000 square feet and sits on 3.1 acres. The facility was designated as a historic property in 2005. The 24th Street Theatre has 296 seats. Recent renovations include new seats, carpet, paint, roof and signage.

The Sierra 2 Center has a staff of 14 dedicated to the operations of the facility and Senior Center. The Senior Center has historically operated at a financial loss, but changes made several years ago have turned it into a sustainable program that no longer drains resources.

Next meeting
The next regular meeting of the SCNA board will be a Zoom meeting. If you’re interested in participating, please contact [email protected]. system. We need your patience with us while we get this new system up and working.


Chair Kat Haro gave an overview of the committee’s 2019 undertakings and thoughts for the future, including membership surveys, communications, evaluations, goals and metrics, developing a needs list for volunteers, fundraising and a business plan.

Kathy Les will chair the Big Day of Giving on May 7.


Chair Gerre Buehler reported that the committee went on a tour of the Sierra 2 Center.

Members encountered puppies, sword fighting, martial arts, dancers and The Learnery. They toured the theater, outbuildings and Senior Center. They discussed the current lease, which is in place for another four years. Andrea Rosen reminded the board that it had hired a professional to assess components of the building to see what the 5- and 10-year plans of needed improvements look like.


In attendance at the meeting were Sierra 2 Executive Director Terri Shettle, SCNA President Bill Hoover, and board members John Bailey, Kimberley Bond, Gerre Buehler, Nury Enciso, Erik Fay, Kat Haro, Eric Johnson, Kathy Les, John Mathews, Bruce Pierini, Andrea Rosen and Kate Van Buren.

Submitted by Kate Van Buren, board secretary

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