Notes from June 10 meeting: With neighbors’ help, SCNA cash position strong

Treasurer John Bailey reported that May expenses were close to what was projected, so no money from the reserve account will be needed. Because of the generous donations from the neighborhood, the cash position is strong and SCNA will be able to cover utility expenses. Bailey said April financials reflected a full month of the closure of the Sierra 2 Center.

Music in the Park, Curtis Fest and the Wine Tasting have been canceled this year. The Development Committee is working on creating an outdoor event to bring neighbors together while being socially distant.

Dan Pskowski briefed the board on a letter to the city parks manager regarding ongoing treatment of the English elms in Curtis Park.
SCNA has been treating the elms since 2007 and to date has spent more than $45,000 keeping the trees healthy and disease-free. Because our budget has significantly tightened this year, we do not have the funds to cover the treatment of 11 English Elms at the north end of the park. SCNA is asking the city to treat the trees in July or August so they do not succumb to Dutch elm disease. SCNA will resume paying for tree care when the center is able to generate income again.

John Mathews reported that the Greater Land Park Traffic Safety Group has been meeting, and is encouraging SCNA’s full participation. The group has been collecting traffic and collision data and has created a list of intersections with immediate safety needs. The group will work with city staff and apply for a CalTrans grant through the State Highway Improvement Program. Money from the grant would go toward administration, according to guidelines specified in the application. The board voted to join the traffic safety group.

The board discussed a letter drafted by Executive Committee members in support of the peaceful protesters demanding criminal justice reform. Mike McKeever mentioned the city’s Project Prosperity, which focuses on social equity issues and may be an action item SCNA can support.

Sierra 2 Executive Director Terri Shettle is working with local business owner Rob Archie to improve relations between Curtis Park and the surrounding areas. Mike McKeever will temporarily chair an ad hoc committee to pursue the goals stated in the letter.

Andrea Rosen and Terri have been addressing tenant lease renewals, which include new language requiring organizations to comply with health and safety protocols.

The Payroll Protection loan program has been extended for 24 weeks. Terri is working with our CPA to track the loans to ensure they will be forgivable.

Great Beginnings day care was about to restart with morning sessions only. The Learnery is doing Zoom classes.

In attendance at the June 10 meeting via Zoom were SCNA President Bill Hoover, Sierra 2 Executive Director Terri Shettle, and board members John Mathews, Dan Pskowski, Kathy Les, Andrea Rosen, Bill French, John Bailey, Gerre Buehler, Mike McKeever, Erik Fay, Kimberly Bond, Eric Johnson, Kat Haro, Dan Murphy, Nury Enciso, Bruce Pierini, Martin Pierucci and Kate Van Buren.

– Submitted by Kate Van Buren, board secretary

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