Notes from Aug. 5 SCNA board meeting: Budget assumes Sierra 2 closure for months

With the increase in local COVID-19 cases, it’s possible that Sierra 2 will be closed with minimal allowed activity for several months. The Finance Committee recommended a bare-bones budget of $17,000 per month in revenues and $38,000 in monthly expenditures for a monthly cash deficit of $21,000. SCNA could operate at the budgeted deficit for about seven months. The committee will continue searching for cost savings and re-evaluate the budget after three months. The budget was unanimously approved.

New leases have been extended to remaining tenants, giving them rights to use their rooms within the County Health Department constraints, Finance Committee Chair John Bailey reported.

Treasurer’s report

Treasurer John Bailey said there was an accounting error in the past balance sheet, which caused the available fund balance at the fiscal year’s start to be overstated by $120,000. SCNA began the fiscal year with a $100,000 deficit, not a $20,000 surplus.

The year-to-date profit-and-loss statement will show a loss of $61,000 due to COVID-19.

Because of the subsequent reduction in Sierra 2 activities, three people were laid off; two more will be furloughed until the end of September.

SCNA has about $100,000 in its checking account and $387,000 in its portfolio. We may receive more funds if and when Congress decides on a new stimulus bill. SCNA was approved for more than $40,000 from a city grant for arts and culture and another $4,000 reimbursement grant from the city. With a now forgivable $13,000 grant, $52,000 received from Big Day of Giving and $80,300 from the Payroll Protection Program, SCNA has received more than $190,000 in grants and contributions since March.

A recent Hop Gardens fundraiser for SCNA/ Sierra 2 resulted in an $850 donation.

Executive director

“Lifeline,” a medical group doing screening for diseases, has used the parking lot at Sierra 2. The Blood Bank Donation truck has also parked there with its donation event completely booked.

Executive Director Terri Shettle checked with the city to see if blood donations fall under “essential services.” They do and Sierra 2 provides the space as a community service.


Gerre Buehler reported there were options for rentals if the pandemic goes on for two years or more. Most tenants are current on payment or up-to-date on a scheduled payment plan. Italian Cultural Society has left and still owes two months’ rent. There is sometimes a homeless problem on the theater steps.

Neighborhood Concerns

John Mathews, Andrea Rosen and John Bailey raised concerns about the new traffic lights on Sutterville Road just south of Curtis Park.

They’re worried that drivers, used to accelerated speeds, will not slow down or even stop and this could cause serious accidents.

Racial Justice

Ad hoc committee chair Kathy Les described the results of several weeks of engaged and robust discussions with committee members, including several neighborhood activists. She presented an overview of initial projects they hope to undertake, including a resource list on, and two upcoming webinars on Sept. 24 and Oct. 1.


In attendance at the Aug. 5 meeting via Zoom were Executive Director Terri Shettle and board members John Bailey, Bill French, John Mathews, Nury Enciso, Kathy Les, Bruce Pierini, Mike McKeever, Dan Pskowski, Andrea Rosen, Gerre Buehler, Susan French, Dan Murphy, Erik Fay, Kimberley Bond, Martin Pierucci and Susan French. Guest Shannon Motley observed the meeting.

– Submitted by Bruce Pierini, board secretary

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