Nextdoor: Driver comes to rescue of blind man on Broadway

One morning in late March while it was still dark and the rain was pouring down, a blind man was trying to cross Broadway, got off course, and veered out into traffic, according to Debbie Greene of Land Park. A woman jumped out of her car and helped him get back onto the sidewalk before he could get hit, Greene reported.

Neighbors on Seventh and Ninth avenues and Cutter Way reported a “dramatic increase in unlicensed vehicles parked for longer than 72 hours on our streets.” They were interested in working with neighbors to arrive at a long-term solution.

An alert neighbor in Midtown found a fake bike rack in front of a liquor store. It was not bolted down or securely attached to anything and was taken apart easily to remove bikes locked to it. The neighbor inquired with the nearby store and found it was not their rack. It was removed with the parts disposed of in a different location to prevent future use by a clever bike thief.

It was suggested to check bike racks for a permanent attachment and welded-shut bike holders, and to use a strong U-bolt bike lock (not a chain or cable). Many of the stolen bicycle reports noted that a garage door or gate was left unlocked, with the bike also not locked up.

Bikes can be registered online with Sacramento Police Department at no cost. This greatly increases the chances for recovery of bikes when found. The website is Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA) also has a web page with many suggestions to prevent bike theft – protect-your-ride/. Police request that all bike thefts be reported to them.

A number of posts were made in February by neighbors with photos of their yards in the large hail storm that deposited a couple of inches of small hail stones in some areas of Sacramento. Several people commented “this is the largest amount of hail I’ve seen in Sacramento.” is a social media app used by neighbors to share information with other neighbors. It is often used for reporting crime to neighbors, lost pets, contractor or handy-person repair recommendations. It is free to use and supported by advertisements.

Bike photo via Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

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