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Make a seat (or a row of seats) your own through a tax-deductible sponsorship. A plaque on your seat will memorialize your commitment to our theatre’s success.

  • Front row center: $1,000 each or $15,000 for the row
  • Premium Seats, 3 center rows behind first: $500 each or $10,000 row
  • Premium Wings: $500 each
  • Main Seating, center, right and left: $250 each or $5000 center row
  • Back Rows: $250 each or $4000 row
Sponsor a Seat

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About the Theater at Sierra 2 Center

The Theater at Sierra 2 Center was built as part of the Sierra School and is used for large meetings, lectures, film screenings, musical, theatrical and dance performances. The interior architecture, including wood beams and chandeliers, stage and dressing rooms date to the original construction of the auditorium in 1929.

Over the last 40 years our theater has offered musicals, children’s theatre, comedy, drama, experimental and original works by local authors as well as Broadway productions. Truly a Center for the Performing Arts, the 24th St Theatre has also welcomed concert performances by many Grammy-award winning musician’s and local artists, as well as dance and film companies.

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