New Year, New Skills at The Learnery! What do you want to learn?

It’s almost that time to put 2018 to bed and turn our attention to how we’re going to totally rock 2019. Whether you arm yourself with a list of goals or set your sights on just one resolution, keep The Learnery in mind this year.

If you’re trying to go green this year, look out for more composting classes with the UC Davis Master Gardeners and upcycling classes with UPcyclePOP.

Courtesy of Tonja Wilcox

Perhaps you want to focus on your hobbies and your “me time” in the name of self care. In the Learnery, we’ll be continuing our watercolor classes with Tonja Wilcox, gardening arts with Tufarock, plus a variety of exciting arts and craft classes with new instructors. Knitting, screen printing, book binding, oh my!

Maybe you plan to focus on health and wellness this year, great! We are planning classes with registered dietitians, continuing our tea education series with The Novel Tea, and will be adding practical, skill-based cooking classes.

We at The Learnery are all about skills, education, arts, crafts, hobbies and new experiences. This year, we hosted 552 students in 55 classes. Our New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to increase those numbers by bringing you a wider variety of workshops, and forging partnerships with new artists and local businesses.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Let us know so we can plan classes with your interests, hobbies and goals in mind.

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