Welcome New SCNA Board Members!

On January 8th at 6:30pm Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association held an election of the Board of Directors. In this packed meeting in Curtis Hall existing and potential board members introduced themselves and provided brief statements about their background and vision for the board. 

Curtis Hall filled with people
A large crowd gathered to hear from existing and potential board members.

One hundred forty five ballots were hand-counted twice as members waited for the results. Results were posted around 9pm that evening. The SCNA board bylaws allow for 23 board members – all seats were filled.

Incumbent board members include:

  • Kat Haro, member since 2018
  • Jonathan LaTurner, member since 2014
  • Kate Van Buren, member since 2015
  • Eric Johnson, member since 2011
  • Larry Easterling, member since 2005
  • Lori Harder, member since 2016
  • John Mathews, member since 2006
  • Alex Moos, member since 2019
  • Dan Pskowski, member since 2013

New board members include:

  • John Baily
  • Gerre Beuhler
  • Nury Enciso
  • Erik Fay
  • Bill French
  • Bill Hoover
  • Charon Jenner
  • Kathy Les
  • Mike McKeever
  • Dan Murphy
  • Bruce Pierini
  • Martin Pierucci
  • Andrea Rosen
  • Susan French

Next Steps

In the weeks following the election, the new board will convene to elect officers and conduct the ongoing business of the organization. That may include a formal annual meeting of the membership, or other meetings as the new board decides. 

Role and Responsibility of the Board of Directors 

In joining the Board of Directors, individuals must agree to uphold the legal and fiduciary duties to the organization, and legal obligations to the City of Sacramento in managing the city-owned Sierra 2 Center for the Arts and Community. 

Board members are required to attend at least nine board meetings each year (allowed two missed meetings), and are asked to participate on at least two committees. Full board and committee meetings are held monthly. In addition to meetings, Board members are asked to contribute to the organization by any means possible: time, promotion, expertise, financial etc. This may include event help, calling donors, thank you notes, special projects, fundraising assistance and more.

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