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As readers may know, there are many thefts reported on NextDoor of plants or other objects stolen from porches. Many are caught with a Ring doorbell camera, or other surveillance cameras, capturing an excellent image of the thief during the burglary.

A Hollywood Park neighbor’s small plant was stolen from their porch. This time a very unusual resolution occurred as the thief returned the plant the next night and said “sorry” into the camera. Many neighbors posted their amazed responses. Several speculated the thief was on NextDoor, realized his photo was taken and had some misgivings about his action. Another thought perhaps his mother found the plant and made him return it. One neighbor summarized it in single word: “karma.”

Friends interested in suggested that we might enjoy looking at posts on Twitter about funny, unusual or outrageous posts from NextDoor in their communities. One group is @bestofnextdoor.

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