A new family adds enthusiasm to our Curtis Park community

Maybe it was the appeal of ice cream within a short walk when Barry Broad, his fiancée and her sons combined households with a recent move to 26th Street.

Barry, a labor lawyer and lobbyist, and his fiancée, My Hunh, a dentist who practices in Stockton, share their home with her sons Quan, 14, Minh, 12, and their two dogs. Barry previously lived on Castro Way while My and her family were in Elk Grove. The blended family now has many kitchen utensils and garden tools but never enough toilet paper.

Barry and My didn’t waste any time after they settled into 26th Street. They took out the swimming pool and made plans to build a greenhouse, a fountain and plant some fruit trees.

“We love the wonderful sense of community in Curtis Park. People are out walking and gardening,” Barry said. “Visually, it’s spectacular with the trees, beautiful houses and flowers.”

The boys like the basketball hoops at Sierra Green, a short walk around the corner from their home. And our local ice cream shop. As Barry emphasized, “Walking to Gunther’s. Walking to Gunther’s — it bears repeating.”

By Susan MacCulloch Viewpoint staff writer

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