Neighbors offer food, fun, fantasy in dinners for sale at silent auction

Curtis Park’s creative, culinary and sociable spirit will be on full display when a half-dozen dining extravaganzas go up for auction at the Oct. 12 SCNA Wine Tasting and Silent Auction. Most of the hosts have extensive experience hosting these lively gatherings. They report that past dinners provided them and their guests with a special and thoroughly enjoyable opportunity for socializing. Guests appreciate not only their hosts’ culinary skills but also their lovely homes.

The following are morsels of imaginative conviviality that generous supporters of SCNA will offer:

Gathered, grown on Portola

Start with grapefruit spritzers, Meyer lemon cocktails and plum jam and fig compote atop assorted cheeses and crackers. Progress to heirloom tomato tarts and tomato jam over zucchini and sweet potato fries. Move next to a spread of coppa, fiocca, finocchiona and lamb prosciutto – meats cured onsite. After all this, indulge in home-pickled vegetables and olives and a savory pasta with morels. Say goodnight with lavender-infused homemade ice cream topped with foraged blackberry sauce.

Hosts: Kathy Les, Hal Thomas, Jean Minton, Matt Romsa, and Marshall and Shana Cook, 6 to 9:30 p.m. on Feb. 1, 2020; 12 guests

Whodunit at the speakeasy

Guests will be thrust back into the 1920s in the home of Arlene and Broc Krause, rumored to have been an actual speakeasy in the 1930s. Enjoy your dining and socializing – but at least one guest will not be around for dessert! It’s a murder in the speakeasy, and the task is to help reveal the murderer. Guests will be assigned a character to play with plenty of advance notice and be encouraged to dress the part and play the role of a 1920s New York City habitué. It will be a night of revelry like many others for sophisticates, artists and hoodlums – until things go horribly wrong.

Hosts: Kris Olesen, Emmett Corbin, and Arlene and Broc Krause; 20 guests

Around world in small plates

This is a progressive event celebrating the flavors of various countries via small plates. Each of five houses will host a regional theme with applicable small plates and beverages. This year will feature Spain, Greece, France and Puerto Rico with desserts from around the world.

Hosts: Christy Mankin-Guiney and Eamonn Guiney (Spain), Monica and Tom Arrowsmith (Greece), Melanie and Richard Jordana (France), Alex and Joe Zucco (Puerto Rico), Linda McAtee and Steve Sphar (desserts from around the world); 20 guests

Six on Sixth

A progressive wine and food pairing at six homes on Sixth Avenue.

Hosts: Dennis Gunvalson, Richard Bay, Susanne Zito, Leslie Walker, Kelly Calkin, Dan O’Donnell, Julio Muao, Margaret Myers, Tony Passarell, and Rob and Aimee Schopen; 24 guests

Curtis Park Poker Run

A five-card progressive wine and food pairing party. This event is “inspired by the Snowmobile Poker Runs in Minnesota in my youth,” said Dennis Gunvalson. Participants make five stops for food, drink and a playing card. The one with the best poker hand at the end of the “run” wins a prize. This version features food and wine pairing without the snowmobiles.

Hosts: Dennis Gunvalson, Richard Bay, Scott Klier, Carrie Sage, Paul Miller, Karen and Brian Hill, Kate and Bill Westerfield; 20 guests

Italy on 25th Street

A four-course Italian regional dinner and wine pairing at 25th Street home.

Menu: Scallops with cauliflower swipe, Tuscan ravioli, Baked fontinastuffed eggplant rolls, and Italian trifle with select regional Italian wines.

Hosts: Bruce Pierini and Wayne Anderson; 4 guests

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