Neighborhood Concerns Committee aims for job fair, traffic improvements

In the upcoming year the Neighborhood Concerns Committee will continue to work with neighbors to address their concerns about problems and issues in Curtis Park and the surrounding community. NCC will also address the following issues in 2019.

NCC will continue oversight of the Crocker Village development as it progresses through the year.

The committee will explore having SCNA host a job fair for the local community. We will ask Safeway and other businesses moving into Crocker Village to participate.

Another Cops and Coffee event is in the works. The first one in 2018 was a success, bringing together local police officers and Curtis Park neighbors for informal, friendly conversations. We hope to host two C&C’s this year.

NCC will continue to work with the City of Sacramento’s Traffic Engineering section on a variety of traffic concerns in the neighborhood. Traffic Engineering investigates each concern whether it be the installation of speed bumps, pedestrian crosswalk lights, or traffic signage and determines what action, if any, is required. NCC has also met with the Land Park Community Association to address traffic issues on main arterial streets that affect both neighborhoods.

NCC is involved with maintenance and park improvement issues for William Curtis Park. This includes fungicidal treatment of the English elms at the north end of the park to prevent Dutch elm disease. NCC is working on a kiosk for the park where neighbor events could be displayed. NCC will coordinate a Saturday volunteer work day in the park when a maintenance issue comes up that the City Park staff is unable to address.

SCNA will work with other neighborhood associations to again host community forums on issues such as crime, the homeless and drugs.

The committee is helping the Dogxilliary dog group get their website up and running again and will pursue new signage at the entrances.

And NCC will publish public service announcements via emails, Viewpoint and the SCNA website.

Please consider volunteering for SCNA neighborhood events in 2019.



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