Mystery of ‘Easter egg’ rocks solved

Have you discovered a painted river rock in your front garden? Perhaps your kids detected these small treasures during impromptu family scavenger hunts (leaving the rocks in place).

Who is the artist of these colorful treasures?

The secret’s out: Kathy Davenport of Third Avenue creates and distributes these “Easter egg” rocks. While not an official count, she estimates placing close to 100 rocks during her neighborhood walks.

“I got the idea to paint Easter egg rocks for the kids around my block to find, since I knew there wasn’t going to be an egg hunt [this year],” said Kathy. “It’s a joy to see how delighted people are when they find a rock.”

She looks for flat and smooth rocks on her walks and has sourced others from Cascade Rock. After washing each rock, Kathy pencils a design.
She then uses extra-fine-tip paint pens, noting that gel ink pens don’t flow well. Finally, she applies three coats of clear semi-gloss varathane to the rock.

“I’ve made rocks for friends and family, for birthdays and party favors. I’ve made rocks to commemorate the life of a beloved pet. I keep some for myself, but mostly give them away,” Kathy says. “I like giving away something simple that creates a little love in the world.”

She observes that many of the rocks have moved away from her original placements, maybe into backyards or other neighborhoods. Kathy hopes the rocks are situated where many may enjoy the fun of finding them.

Nine-year-old Sydney Cotterill of 26th Street agrees: “I want to learn how to paint the rocks because they’re so cool!”

With parents John and Allison, Sydney has discovered many of Kathy’s treasures on neighborhood walks. John enjoys documenting each treasure with a photo, close to 70 by his count.

Learn how to paint rocks

Have you found a rock labeled #SactoCaliRocks? Check out their facebook group:

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