More hosts needed for ‘Neighborhood Dinners’

New hosts are sought for the wildly popular “Neighborhood Dinners,” an annual SCNA fundraiser.

Dinner tickets are sold at fixed prices from $40 to $75 per person at the Curtis Park Wine Tasting and Silent Auction, which will be from 4-7 p.m. Oct. 6, at the Sierra 2 Center.

Last year, the six themed dinners generated $6,000 for SCNA. All but a few seats were sold within the first hour of the Wine Tasting, and the remaining tickets sold out shortly thereafter.

A number of dinner hosts are returning, but new hosts are needed as well. This is a fabulous opportunity to give back to your community, show off your culinary skills (or those of the friend you wrangle into co-hosting with you) and meet new people. There are many ways you can participate:

  • Host a dinner at your home (it doesn’t have to be a dinner–one of the more popular events in previous years was a brunch).
  • Get together with neighbors for an atypical dinner party (like the progressive dinner style “Six on Sixth” or the “Craft Beer Crawl”).
  • Pair up with a neighbor to co-host at one of your houses.

Popular dinners in previous years featured a Kentucky Derby brunch, a meat themed Donner Party on Donner Way, and a murder mystery night in which the guests were part of the plot. Perhaps you might like to host a “High Tea,” a “Children’s Party” or a traditional formal dinner. This is an opportunity to let your creativity run wild or simply showcase good food and drink.

If you are interested in hosting a dinner/event, contact Terri Shettle at 916 452-3005, x 204 or [email protected] or Cheri Davis at 916 541-1229 or [email protected] ASAP.

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