Moodment Dance program connects mind and body

What could possibly bring seven complete strangers from all parts of the Sacramento region to Sierra 2 every Saturday afternoon? Their love of dance and a strong desire to get dance back into their lives.

When Monica Justice created Moodment Dance, she did it to share the joy with everyone who is interested in connecting mind and body through dance.

Justice says, “I’ve danced and performed all of my life, and I want to help others experience the joy and satisfaction that dancing has brought to me.”

Creating Moodment Dance has been an awesome experience,” Justice says. For Maria Rivas, “Getting back into dance was rediscovering myself. Dance was always something that lit up my heart.”

Justice says Moodment Dance is centered on the belief that joy, self-love and connected community are vital needs for a positive lifestyle. Moodment Dance believes in embodying positive messaging of the mind through fun dances and creative movement. All bodies are beautiful, regardless of shape, size, age, race, gender and mobility. Everyone can, and should, dance.

While the dancers have different backgrounds – with ages ranging from late 20s to mid-50s – all have similar stories, including a lifelong love of dance that got pushed aside when life got in the way.

Gia Toi Williams sees Moodment Dance as a place to “leave worries, anxieties and headaches behind, and just move and let your soul run.” The dance class creates a welcoming, supportive and judgment-free environment, and Justice’s choreography is really fun without being too challenging.

Rivas agrees: “Monica is really good about building confidence. She’s an amazing instructor and is always so positive and full of kind energy.” So far, the dancers have learned routines in African, jazz, hip hop and contemporary styles.

Moodment Dance made its public debut performance at the 10th annual Banana Festival in Land Park on Aug. 11 featuring dances in jazz, hip-hop, and lyrical styles. Justice is planning more performances in the Sacramento area.

Open dance classes happen every Saturday at 2:30 p.m. in Studio 2 at the Sierra 2 Center. For questions, contact Justice at [email protected] or Private dance lessons are also available.

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