Midtown gift shop: Neighbor develops her longtime wish

Haberdasherie, a beautiful new addition to the Midtown shopping scene, is owned by Ruthie McRonald, a longtime Curtis Park resident. Ruthie has lived here for 24 years in three houses.

“Curtis Park is a great place to live.” Ruthie said. “ I like houses a lot so it’s been fun trying out the different spaces.”

Ruthie thought about opening her own store since she was in junior high school. She initially thought about selling clothing. However, as time went on, she developed an interest in décor and having beautiful but unique things in the homes she has owned. Ruthie had long thought about a Midtown location, and this one came to her after a very short search. Formally a bike shop, the location needed a lot of hard work by Ruthie and friends to complete her vision.

When the Viewpoint visited, the shop featured colorful and thoughtfully arranged displays of art glass, pottery, kitchenware, cards, candles, towels, tablecloths, pillows, vintage furniture, original paintings, and much more. If you need a gift for a friend or yourself, this shop is well worth a visit.

Haberdasherie is at 2318 J St. You can also follow it on Facebook, Instagram and at Haberdasherie.net.

By Erik Fay Viewpoint staff writer

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