May 16 free workshop on restoration of old windows

Tim White, restoration specialist with the California Department of Parks and Recreation, will give a workshop from 6 to 9 p.m. May 16 at Sierra 2 on the basics of historic window repair and restoration.

Attendees will learn how to tackle repairs themselves or what to know in hiring a contractor. White is a former contractor and window restorer.

Historic windows play a big role in the character of our vintage homes — handcrafted of old-growth wood, with myriad patterns and characteristically wavy old glass. They were built solid and stable, with ease of operation. The weight and balance system of the double-hung windows is still the best around.

As many of our old windows approach 100 plus years, they may stick or rattle, have broken or missing parts, cracked or broken glass, wood that has become exposed and deteriorated, or may simply no longer be airtight. This is not a sign of inferior quality — rather, a sign calling for attention. All of these problems can be fixed and the windows will be good for another hundred years.

White’s window repair and restoration class is free, but registration is required so that everyone can have a close-up seat to his hands-on demonstration. The room location will be provided at registration. Future classes will be added as needed. For more information (or to request another session) email [email protected].

This workshop is full.

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